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Edgar Steele: A Call to Unity

7 Sep

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon a Vimeo video of a short speech given by Edgar Steele at the Jekyll Island Project last Saturday, which inspired me to write this blog after many months of taking a break on my political writings (Go to http://vimeo.com/m/5318242).  I regard this resumption of my writing personally significant because Edgar Steele’s death meant more to me than I consciously expected, based on my surprising moment of weeping which was uncharacteristic of me.  I could attribute the weeping to the stress of my own transition into civilian life as I will be officially retired in November, but this is not the case given the fact that I am happy about no longer needing to limit my freedom to actively participate in politics.  When I heard the terrible news of his death I was both angry and sad, but more sad in this case.  Although I never knew the man personally I was a sympathizer of his from a distance as I would read his rants from time to time. I especially remember reading his “You Might Be A Nationalist If…” rant in particular.  All of the statements that I read I agreed with.  I now believe that I am a stronger nationalist now because my heart for my country and my people tells me so more deeply than before. And I believe that Edgar Steele’s death left an indelible mark in me, and in those who knew him as a heroic advocate for the persecuted politically incorrect among our people.  The enemies of our people grossly miscalculated their dastardly imprisonment and murder of Edgar Steele because the indelible mark I speak of is the call for unity in each and everyone of us to take our country back from Zionist domination.  This call to unity is the rallying cry that is needed to fight the good fight in politics against this foreign occupation in our government.  When I look at the picture of his strong and honest Scotch Irish face I cannot help but identify with him because I too share this ethnicity on my father’s side.  And perhaps that is the reason for my sense of identity with Edgar Steele.  He is one of us: a kin, a patriot, and our fallen hero.  With the heated tears of determination I will carry in my own humble way the torch for European American unity that I believe Edgar Steele would have wanted for us.  Let us put aside our differences and unite so we can take back our country from Zionist domination!

© 2014, Paul M. Lovett


Division in the White Community-Southern Nationalists and “Konservatives”

10 Dec

Southern Nationalists and Goy Kosher Conservatives (“Konservatives” for short) are dividing the White Community, and they are throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into efforts in unifying European America under a larger and more inclusive nationalist movement. My grief started by some anti-American Southern Nationalist who showed some cartoon character wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt pissing on Old Glory. The American Imperialism that the Southern Nationalists claim that Old Glory symbolizes is rightly lost in translation when we remind ourselves of our modern coddled and materialistic ways, in comparison to the desperate conditions and deaths suffered by the brave and hardened American troops at Valley Forge during the War for Independence from British tyranny- which contributed greatly to the founding our country. Pipsqueak Southern Nationalists not a day over 30 can spew their vitriol over America as though her founding was after the Civil War, and blithely dismiss the honorable sacrifice of those who bled in battle for the freedoms we enjoy. Old Glory predates the Civil War so do not dishonor Old Glory and expect a free pass when you use the word “nationalist” to describe your political persuasion.

You can criticize the corrupt statist federal government, but don’t think that you will be left unscathed by nationalists north of the Mason-Dixon Line when you dishonor Old Glory, and show your hatred for Yankees because of a war that neither of us were old enough to fight in. Need I remind you of the British treachery that sought to rip apart our country during the Civil War, with the intention of leaving two weaker ones to be enslaved under the British and the banking interests? Wake up to the fact that this infighting among us nationalists is getting us nowhere as the banking interests of today want us divided so they can conquer us more easily. And, yes, the banking interests are Jewish, so spare me the anti-Semitic labeling of me for merely alluding to an historic fact. I cannot help if the perpetrators had Jewish names like Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff. We need to replace the infighting with unity based on common interests, i.e. ending illegal immigration, affirmative action, no-win unconstitutional wars, and race-based programs that benefit government favored groups at the expense of working class and middle class European Americans. And to the Southern Nationalists who respect Old  Glory and the United States Constitution I say the following: continue to honor your heritage, stand for what you believe in, but know that your allies north of the Mason-Dixon Line do not take too kindly the dishonoring of Old Glory by some of your disrespectful brethren. Now I turn to my ongoing source of frustration: Goy Kosher Conservatives (“Konservatives”).

When I hear the refrain, “We stand with Israel,” I often wonder if these people who say such uncritical nonsense really know what they are saying. Am I to think that they are so ill-informed that they do not know that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an unregistered agent of the Israeli government? The ADL was instrumental in pushing homosexuality in the United States military, in violation of George Washington’s longstanding moral policy. Yes, moral policy. “Konservatives”, who are infected by the heresy of Christian Zionism, love to wax about the immorality of homosexuality, which is clearly based on scripture. But the ADL is not mentioned in the sermons as the perpetrators who promote the homosexuality agenda. Why? Is it because the pastors don’t know? I cannot accept the claim of such sheer ignorance from pastors, given the readily available knowledge provided by the Internet. The pastors know about Jewish involvement in the homosexual agenda, but they choose to not tell their flock about the connecting dots- which would guide them into actions that would be in keeping with God’s will for us to fulfill our hunger and thirst for righteousness. But righteousness is given a back seat to the dictates of political correctness- and money.

When the Johnson Amendment neutered the churches politically, by way of forcing them in exchanging their freedom of speech (political speech) for tax incentives, the moral cowardice that followed, as shown by the political ascendancy and acceptance of homosexuality in America society, is an indictment against the White Christian churches for refusing to uphold the righteousness of Christ in the public square. Money has become their object of love, not the righteousness of Christ in the public square. Yes, the public square. However, the “We Support Israel” mantra is the politically correct expression that serves as the moral self-congratulatory means to get Christians out into the public square. And we have horrific proof of the effectiveness of this political activism in the broken lives of military men and women who served in the wars for Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The economic conservatism these ‘Konservatives” advocate becomes hypocrisy in light of the excessive spending to fight these wars that benefitted a country foreign to our own. These mainly Christian Zionists, an oxymoron in the fullest meaning of the word, might as well salute the Israeli flag because their political activism conveys where their loyalty lies. Their belief in the political confluence of Israel and America is a delusion from hell because support for Israel has demonstrated itself as an act of treason. The epitome of this delusion is exquisitely expressed by former governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, when he stupidly called for the pardon of Jonathan Pollard, the American Jewish spy who stole our national secrets for Israel, resulting in the deaths of countless men and women fighting in the Cold War. Israel sold our national secrets to China, a Communist nation who openly regards America as their enemy. What more do we need to convince us that Israel is not our friend? Need I go on and mention the Israeli Lobby’s power over Congress? Need I remind the reader about the utter sycophantic display of praise to the butcher Netanyahu by Congress, expressed by the excessive numbers of standing ovations made by our “representatives” in Congress so as to please their Zionist financial backers? How is it that winning an election through such funding can be considered a victory, when the policies pushed in Congress go against the interests of working Americans? Goy Kosher Conservatives have no place to speak for the interests of working American if they advocate unconstitutional wars that destroy lives, which raise taxes to pay a debt that can never be paid, thereby serving the anti-Christ usury system of the Jewish banking interests.

I understand that caution needs to be exercised in political labeling because simplistic thinking may arise, which may not accurately reflect political realities. However, as a political observer I seen enough of the posts from many Southern Nationalists that make me question where their loyalties lie. There is a difference between criticizing our federal government, and regarding it as our enemy. Even though the actions of our federal government are often inimical to our interests we should never lose sight of the fact that the real issue is who occupying positions of power in our federal government, not the federal government itself. The power this institution welds can be for good or for ill, and as we can honestly observe that those in positions of power are directing many good and honest people in government to carry out policies hostile to European American. My contention with many Southern Nationalists is their approach can be fairly construed as disloyalty to America when they dishonor Old Glory, and express utter hatred for our federal government which we, as Americans, have allowed to become corrupt because of our own corruption. If the Southern Nationalists prefer separation then perhaps they also want the absence of American military protection from invasion. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I am all for self determination, but defamation of America by these Southern Nationalists will be met with resistance from America nationalists like me who want what is best for European Americans. And the “Konservatives”, on the other hand, are even worse because they are working, hand-in-hand, with our enemies because of the influence of Christian Zionism, which is a death cult as they stupidly follow wolves in sheep clothing like Pastor John Hagee, who gets fat off the largess of corrupt lucre from Israel, a country of White sex slavery and drug trafficking. Both political groups are obstinate, but they are not hopeless even though they presently appear to be. They are sources of division in the cause of European America unity, but they ironically share much of what many in the cause stand for, such as fighting illegal immigration, affirmative action, and the promotion of Western values in American society. And the fact that they share much of what we stand for makes it particularly painful to us when we envision what political cooperation could bring to our cause. In politics numbers mean everything, but a determined few in the cause for European American unity mean something too. I will fight the good fight for European American unity, regardless of the many people who choose to stand down in the fight for the survival of our people.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett