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The Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial of 2014: Legal Terrorism against European Americans

8 Feb

European Americans who care about the future of their people refuse to tolerate their displacement in the country that their ancestors built from the beginning. Coca Cola decided to demean our heritage by using their vast financial resources and influence, by way of deliberately foisting upon an unsuspecting public a clever propaganda campaign of celebrating multiculturalism as the defining set of norms for America, in place of the traditional American culture derived from the beneficent societal outreach of Western Civilization.  This underhanded assault on our values exemplifies the corporate thrust of emphasizing foreign cultural encroachment on America as a virtue, when it fact it is utter viciousness to proposition the replacement of our values with those that reflect a worldview hostile to maintaining the heritage of freedom bequeathed to our people by the sacrifices of our ancestors in the establishment of our great country.

America is the civilized extension of Europe with a culture friendly to the encouragement of progress toward advancing all peoples of the world.  As the Third World invasion of our land displaces our people from the livelihoods held as an inheritance promised by our founders as “blessings of liberty” we are left with the silencing of our voice, resulting from the unlawful registration of illegal aliens as voters for legal plunder of our hard-earned wealth as socialist politicians get elected, on the promise of continued legal plunder for the benefit of themselves and their parasitic foreign constituencies.

Coca Cola revealed their domestic enemy credentials by casting illegal aliens in the most favorable light as the offending commercial left the impression that America was poised to change permanently, symbolized by a foreign language incorporated in a patriotic song originating from our beloved and shared English language.  Rather than defending our American heritage as a company founded in our country Coca Cola chose to attack it with the promotion of foreign cultures intended to replace our own.  There is no other fair assessment to make of this treason other than to say that this was an attack on our American culture, which is an attack on us as a people as in war.  What are European Americans left to do in moral reaction to this attack?

Boycott is the answer to a company who has the disloyalty to promote multiculturalism at the expense of European Americans.  Any company that decides to challenge our rightful place as beneficiaries of the blessings of liberty will be met with righteous indignation in the form of organized protest by concerned European Americans who see such challenges for what they really are: threats against us as a people.  Make no mistake; there is a clarion understanding among those who see such attacks as acts of war against us because war is understood to take different forms- not just the use of lethal weaponry. Psychological warfare is being waged to demoralize European Americans by influencing them to think that cultural and political displacement is not only to be regarded as inevitable but welcomed.

We were shown warm, friendly, and familial imagery intended to convey the message that accepting our displacement would be universally regarded as a virtuous act by foreigners.   Conversely, allowing large populations of Third Worlders into our country would be regarded as a moral act by us as well- but only if we allow ourselves to be taken in by the false notion that such pathological altruism is virtuous. The commercial becomes especially pernicious because it attempts to make us feel good about ourselves for surrendering our heritage to those who care very little about the sacrifices of our ancestors on our behalf.  Fortunately, many European Americans had enough sense to call out the commercial for the social engineering attempt that it was.

Coca Cola took advantage of the large and vast viewing audience of the Super Bowl so as to have the intended impact of successfully catering to the changing demographics in favor of Third Worlders at the expense of European Americans.  As all such global corporations are primarily driven by profit and increased market share Coca Cola saw the opportunity to appeal to multiculturalism as the dominant norm of American society as expressed in the changing demographics.  And by default the traditional American culture that derived from Europe is summarily dismissed by Coca Cola as having only passing consideration, given the initial symbolic display of a European American boy in Western apparel so as to convey the genocidal reality that his culture was being supplanted in America by those foreign to his own.

The alleged intended cognitive dissonance imposed upon the minds of European Americans was also evident as the streaming images of friendly foreign faces were incongruent to the dire economic and political threat of Third World illegal immigration on our people, resulting in the attendant need to attain psychic balance by way of accepting the foreigners as an act of virtue so as to assuage the emotional unpleasantness of the perceived threat. In other words, pathological altruism from European Americans became the intended response elicited by Coca Cola in my view.  A blatant offense, as opposed by a more subtle approach shown by the commercial, would be more easily detected by the majority of European American viewers.  However, it became increasingly clear that primarily racially-conscious European Americans would be the ones sounding the alarm- and that they did; thanks to the good people who spearheaded the boycott against Coca Cola to bring attention to the corporate demoralization of our people.

Planned demoralization of an ethnic group through psychological warfare is a form of terrorism. Therefore, Coca Cola is hiding behind the First Amendment to wage legal terrorism against our people.  Corporations have portrayed European American men in their commercials as buffoons, with the intended consequence of demoralizing them to the point of sapping their will to fight back.  Demeaning portrayals of European American men in entertainment as well are not coincidental. Our men are targeted as such because they are the leaders of our people.  They are seen as a primary threat to those who will not abide to any challenge to their New World Order domination.  Coca Cola, and global corporations like them, represent the New World Order.  And it is our duty to not reject the challenge because without us to fight back this enemy will win by default.  Let us not allow such an ignoble negligence of duty be something for the remnant of our posterity to remember us by in a possible future of widespread genocide of our people

© 2014, Paul M. Lovett