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Tea Party Rage over Cruz’s Eulogy of Mandela will End with a Whimper

14 Dec

The following quote is from Senator Ted Cruz’s Facebook page as expressed in his eulogy of Nelson Mandela: “Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He stood firm for decades on the principle that until all South Africans enjoyed equal liberties he would not leave prison himself, declaring in his autobiography, ‘Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.’ Because of his epic fight against injustice, an entire nation is now free.” Yes, Senator Cruz took some well-deserved flack from the Tea Party on his Facebook page for this politically correct sycophantic gesture in honor of a murderous dead Communist.  However, I could find only 3 out of 100 posts on his page in reference to Nelson Mandela’s genocidal policy against the very people who comprise the vast majority of the Tea Party: people of European descent. The dismally scant mentioning in the Facebook comments, regarding the anti-White genocidal policies implemented by this murderous dead Communist against the White Christian farmers of South Africa, impressed upon me the sobering fact that our people in the Tea Party are too afraid to confidently condemn Mandela for the anti-White killer he was.  We are referring to family farmers as the victims of cold-blooded murder by demonic and borderline retarded black savage scum. These farmers were the salt of the Earth. They were Christian men, women, and children who helped provide the sustenance that the blacks in South Africa needed to survive. And the utter lack of gratitude from the blacks, as expressed through their support of the government-sponsored displacement of White farmers, bears witness to how evil the blacks in that country have become since the end of Apartheid. Spare me the victimhood rationale for the tolerance of White genocide from the blacks because such tolerance only condemns them in my book. Their uniform is the color of their skin, and their political philosophy is “malevolent envy”, to quote Winston Churchill, for the greatness of the Boers, who carved a prosperous European civilization out of the African wilderness. And how is their “malevolent envy” expressed in the political square?

Today, the black Communist government of South Africa has an open policy of discrimination against poor Whites in seeking employment because of “malevolent envy”. The elite NWO scum in the United States, along with the cool liberal and “conservative” crowd who follow them, call poor Whites such as these as “White Trash,” in baseless insolent derision against those who work to eat without the government dole.  Let me be perfectly clear; we are confronting evil here, not mere political opposition. The black Communists in that country are evil. Yes, I said it. Call me a racist for stating the obvious; I don’t care because such a word that is used as a weapon against me is made ineffectual by my shield of truth. And by default I am an enemy against these black Communists. And White Christian men true to their faith and their people need to be too. And from this latter statement do not think for a second that I am excluding Tea Party people. Remember, the legacy of evil left by the murderous dead Communist lives in the hearts of his followers who are living. Tea Party folks can talk until they are blue in the face about Mandela being a “communist terrorist,” but Mandela cannot hear them because he is dead. I am waiting to hear the Tea Party call Mandela’s followers out for their support of anti-White policies -and to push for ending foreign aid to South Africa because of their anti-White policies.  Yes, because of their anti-White policies!   Are the Tea Party people so cowardly, selfish and individualistic that they would not protest against the genocide of their fellow Whites in South Africa?  But I suppose because they are not American they deserve to be subjected to genocidal atrocities. I am being sarcastic but the truth is that the Tea Party people are more concerned with emphasizing pocketbook issues rather than racial genocide for a reason: emphasis on pocketbook issues (i.e. economism) is acceptable; emphasis on race is not acceptable but condemned by the Arbiters of Truth.  And who are the Arbiters of Truth you may ask? Those who control the mainstream media are the Arbiters of Truth and they like lox and bagels. The Arbiters of Truth have their gatekeepers at the Tea Party rallies enforcing the policy of censorship over the genocide of Whites in South Africa. The abandonment and betrayal of the Whites of South Africa by the Tea Party people, collectively, bears witness to the power of political correctness- and the destruction of our European American culture by the Cultural Marxists who turned our culture upside down against us by influencing us to be collectively ashamed of our racial identity.  And, more importantly, it also bears witness to the ignominy among the Tea Party people for allowing the Arbiters of Truth to have that much influence over the focus of their political activism, especially when they claim Christ as their Savior.

I am disgusted by the Tea Party people for not bringing attention to the racial genocide of the Whites in South Africa in their activism. No matter how distant South Africa may be from America we have Christians of European descent living under atrocious persecution by a hostile black Communist government, and we are responsible in bringing attention to this evil.  The effeminate consideration of the racial sensitivities of blacks as the reason for not confronting this evil directly is evidence of our moral corruption, which is the result of Cultural Marxist dominance in our American society. White America is defeated as a racially proud people, but not for long. The normalcy of racial pride in other peoples is evident, but not to Whites. Why? Do you find this sad state of affairs to be peculiar, given the obvious fact that we were, in fact, a racially proud people who afforded the greatness of our civilization throughout the world for the betterment of humanity? If this dominant political movement among European Americans rediscovers as a people their proud racial identity then the freedoms they are fighting for will more likely be won. Make no mistake; a lack of moral confidence among European Americans to stand for their race, as shown by their general abandonment of the good brethren in South Africa,  will result in their ignominious political defeat. In other words, the rage will turn into a whimper as long as the Tea Party refuses to embrace their racial pride.  The Tea Party presently lacks the moral courage that comes from racial pride, which other political movements use to their political advantage.  And without pride in our own people creating a White community becomes more difficult, as shown by the evident lack of solidarity among our own to defeat the ascendancy of anti-White and anti-Christian communism in American society.  The Tea Party lacks leadership in encouraging the racial pride that is needed to win. Therefore, it is up to us who have the courage, ability, and desire to lead our Tea Party brethren away from the defeat that awaits them.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


A Nation under God or Cultural Marxism

13 Sep

The Jewish controlled mainstream media is complicit in the genocidal murders of White Christians by Blacks in South Africa, because they deliberately imposed a media blackout by not reporting it, knowing full well that this blackout would help perpetuate the atrocities. If this genocide was reported by the mainstream media lives could have been saved, but because of Political Correctness, i.e. Cultural Marxism, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are being slaughtered by Communist Black savages.

Because of President Obama’s political sympathies with the likes of Communist such as Nelson Mandela, who sung about killing Whites as shown on YouTube, he refuses to call for the end to these atrocities because saving the lives of these White farmers, I believe, conflicts with the narrative that the moral authority of the Communist regime must not be questioned, which again is in keeping with Political Correctness. On Saturday, August 24, 2013, it was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, which was written by his personal adviser Stanley Levinson, a member of the Communist Party who received funding from the Soviet Union. How do you expect me, a White Anti-Communist Christian, to celebrate this speech? For the sake of Political Correctness? I will not honor this speech because these civil rights leaders refuse to at least acknowledge that the White farmers of South Africa also have the most basic right given by God: life- which is a more sacred right than the civil right for a pauper to vote for a traitor of the Constitution for more welfare benefits. What is the reason for this exclusion of White genocide in the mainstream civil rights dialogue?

The civil rights leaders have an agenda, which is the political disenfranchisement of White Americans for the benefit of themselves and the people they represent, as demonstrated by their push to end the Stand Your Ground laws, which are intended to enable people to defend themselves regardless of race from vicious life-threatening attacks, as it was in the case of George Zimmerman. In other words, these civil rights leaders would rather have White Americans risk their lives , and at the same time have one of their own protected when they viciously attack White Americans, thereby in effect denying White Americans the God-given right of self defense in such situations. Is this the “civil right” that these civil right leaders want to protect: the right for violent Blacks to viciously attack Whites without the risk of fatality that may result from the victim acting on the God-given right of self defense? Is this the “equality” that these civil right leaders are seeking, which smacks of George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, which depicted a fictional society where the pigs lectured on “equality” by reminding the animals on the farm that they themselves were more equal than all other animals?

The civil rights movement has kept the ugly head of its Communist roots from public view with its socially acceptable calls for racial equality under the law, but with the protests calling for the repeal of the Stand Your Ground laws the ugly head has inadvertently shown itself, through an underhanded attempt via political intimidation the means to disarm White Americans so as to wage a more successful racial war against them. The deafening silence coming from the civil rights leadership, over the death threats against Whites in response to Travon Martin’s death from their more thuggish Black sympathizers, is a blatant revelation of their refusal to bring moderation to the civil discourse that one would expect from the civil rights leadership. But instead of calling for moderation from their own in the Black community, especially from their violence-prone Facebook and Twitter account holders, the NAACP has requested a compliant administration to pursue civil charges against George Zimmerman for killing Travon Martin out of self-defense, thereby aggravating further the living hell of a man who valued his life enough to protect himself from possible death, through what I believe to be the reluctant but necessary use of lethal force.  Furthermore, calls to end the violence against White Americans from the civil rights leadership, in reaction to the verdict from the Black community, have not been forthcoming-even when framed as a universal appeal to human decency, which should be the common civil denominator between Blacks and Whites.

Opportunities to quell violence have been deliberately ignored by the civil rights leadership- and for good reason. For a successful campaign to politically disenfranchise White Americans different tactics must be used against them. One tactic of choice, in light of the demonstrated motivation and proclivity towards violence among their young and able-bodied, but emotionally undisciplined and weak-minded, is physical intimidation. And it was physical intimidation that was used by the New Black Panther Party in the 2008 presidential election with the intention of unlawfully precluding Whites from going to the polls, which may have contributed toward bringing Obama into office.

I believe that it is the fear of physical intimidation from Black thugs that is partly keeping our people from venturing out of the relatively safe confines of the Internet onto the streets. The hard right-turn of taking our cause to the streets to protest our oppression must be made to render the physical intimidation ineffectual- and to contribute towards the success of our cause by not only making it visible to the people at large, but to inspire our people to action. We cannot count on any other group to stand up for us. Their apathy for our oppression, and their hostile misunderstanding of our cause, does not qualify them to take a stand for us. We are alone and deserving of this struggle because we have tolerated the oppression as cowards as we took solace in the material indulgence afforded by our affluence, rather than fight the good fight of defending our White Christian heritage against the cultural subversion of political correctness. No pleasant diversion will relieve us of the spiritual pain that comes from the realization of losing our American birthright before our very eyes through amnesty and Third World immigration. The jeers of being labeled racist and anti-Semitic for defending your American birthright will sound weak and desperate to you as you come to realize that the purported edifice of Cultural Marxism is but a flimsy house of cards against the refreshing breeze of truth and liberty authored by God.  What confidence can compare to the one that only comes from following the will of God which is this: defending our American birthright, which is a nation of our own under God, not a nation under Cultural Marxism?

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett