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Edgar Steele: A Call to Unity

7 Sep

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon a Vimeo video of a short speech given by Edgar Steele at the Jekyll Island Project last Saturday, which inspired me to write this blog after many months of taking a break on my political writings (Go to http://vimeo.com/m/5318242).  I regard this resumption of my writing personally significant because Edgar Steele’s death meant more to me than I consciously expected, based on my surprising moment of weeping which was uncharacteristic of me.  I could attribute the weeping to the stress of my own transition into civilian life as I will be officially retired in November, but this is not the case given the fact that I am happy about no longer needing to limit my freedom to actively participate in politics.  When I heard the terrible news of his death I was both angry and sad, but more sad in this case.  Although I never knew the man personally I was a sympathizer of his from a distance as I would read his rants from time to time. I especially remember reading his “You Might Be A Nationalist If…” rant in particular.  All of the statements that I read I agreed with.  I now believe that I am a stronger nationalist now because my heart for my country and my people tells me so more deeply than before. And I believe that Edgar Steele’s death left an indelible mark in me, and in those who knew him as a heroic advocate for the persecuted politically incorrect among our people.  The enemies of our people grossly miscalculated their dastardly imprisonment and murder of Edgar Steele because the indelible mark I speak of is the call for unity in each and everyone of us to take our country back from Zionist domination.  This call to unity is the rallying cry that is needed to fight the good fight in politics against this foreign occupation in our government.  When I look at the picture of his strong and honest Scotch Irish face I cannot help but identify with him because I too share this ethnicity on my father’s side.  And perhaps that is the reason for my sense of identity with Edgar Steele.  He is one of us: a kin, a patriot, and our fallen hero.  With the heated tears of determination I will carry in my own humble way the torch for European American unity that I believe Edgar Steele would have wanted for us.  Let us put aside our differences and unite so we can take back our country from Zionist domination!

© 2014, Paul M. Lovett