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Christie & The “Right Side of History Republicans”

2 Jan

So let me understand this correctly. A European American politician proclaims that we need to “show up” for the Hispanic vote according to a controlled mainstream article at http://nbclatino.com/2013/11/10/nj-gov-christie-gop-must-show-up-to-get-hispanic-vote/. Chris Christie plays his hand to appeal to Hispanic voters- and at the risk of politically disenfranchising his European American constituency in New Jersey by leaving the “immigration issue” as a matter open to debate. Let me be clear about what he is saying here. Am I to understand that immigration is a debatable issue while 20 million Americans are out of work, which is a result of the pushing down of wages for the taking by Mexicans?  The majority of the 20 million out of work are European Americans, many of them are of the working class; the very people who have been systematically shunned by the two major parties. Working class European Americans are the object of the politically correct epithet of “White Trash,” and other disrespectful allusions to them such as being inbred hicks who belong outside the beneficiary circle, which is set aside for government favored groups of the combined majority comprised of minority groups. Yes, the minorities make up the majority now so please wake up and smell the rancid coffee that has been fermenting since 2008.  But what is Chris Christie really risking with the European American constituency? Not much. He feels confident that they will vote for him because he has a letter “R” beside his name at the ballot box. And he is probably right because European Americans are under this belief that the GOP will stand for their interests. Wrong. Let us look at the GOP party leadership game plan.

The GOP is focusing on minorities to run for state office according to another controlled media article at http://latinonewstoday.com/2013/02/06/gop-effort-to-recruit-minorities-for-state-office/.ing  Even the controlled media mouthpiece news magazine, Time, portrays the Hispanic Senator Marco Rubio as the “Republican Savior” on the cover of their February 7, 2013 issue!  Get the picture.  The GOP leadership is seeing their failure as a result of not effectively appealing to minorities, because the demographics show that the minorities are the new majority in America. It is all about numbers and votes, not the interests of European Americans. The GOP and the Democratic Party do not care what European Americans want because they are confident that you will vote for either of their candidates, regardless of the fact that they will not represent us as European Americans.  Both major parties are interested in the politically correct ethno-politics of favoring minorities over European Americans.  Favoring European Americans, on the other hand, is “racist,” and both major parties cannot appeal to the minorities effectively if they are viewed as “racist.” So by default you, as a European American, will not be represented as such because that would be “racist” in the upside-down world of multiculturalism.  So Tea Partiers will take whatever crumbs will fall from the table. Little puppy morsels in the form of middle class tax breaks and empty promises to defund Obamacare will be dismissively dropped on the floor for your consumption by the GOP leadership. You are not worthy to sit at the table of privilege as a European American because, once again, that would be “racist.”  But if you abandon your ethnic identity and call yourself a “Conservative” or a “Libertarian” then maybe you will get your five- minute time slot as you would at a local school board hearing.  And this is what happens when you play along and abandon your ethnic identity in politics.

You consent to their rules and you end up politically disenfranchising yourself, even though the illegal immigration invasion is doing that for you as you sit on your ass watching Fox News as you are lulled by the belief that Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee have your back.  You found false comfort in your alleged fairness and lack of meanness by hiding the utter betrayal you feel in your gut as you play along like a gentlemen in the company of White-haters and Communists.  And remember, your private property is up for dibs for your underprivileged fellow Americans, who see you as a source of redistributed wealth as they plunder your children’s inheritance to multiply their numbers in the form of higher property taxes for their free education, and higher income taxes for their free government giveaways – and by default diminish your own numbers because you are expected to pay for theirs. You are their “sucka” to use the parlance of your minority benefactors. You are their “Sugar Daddy” who gets in return a peck on the cheek in the form of their acceptance for the ignominious role you play in contributing to their political influence.  You are like some dirty old geezer who gets a rise out of modest tokens of affection.  As a European American you have made a mockery of your heritage because you know in your heart that your ancestors would not tolerate even a fraction of such dishonorable treatment. Kevin MacDonald refers to this phenomenon as “pathological altruism.” I call it generational suicide as the results are deadly to the existential condition of our people.

The very fact that the homosexual agenda has gained ascendancy in politics, shown by the GOP majority in the House voting to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military, is a glaring reminder that your refusal to accept such genocidal degeneracy shows that you are on the “wrong side of history” as far as the GOP is concerned. Yes, genocidal degeneracy. The more young men and women get sucked into this decadent lifestyle the less European American offspring will exist to carry the torch for our people. The majority of homosexuals in the United States are European American.  Anything that would diminish our numbers even more is genocidal, and in the case of homosexuality this genocide is in the form of degeneracy. I suppose such a state of affairs would be the “right side of history”- but I would rather be associated with the “wrong side of history” for the sake of sustaining the remnant of my people. The thought of being asked to answer the charge of betraying my people, for neglecting to speak out against this “right side of history,” is something I will not allow to come to pass.  I have to live with my conscience, and my conscience is my moral compass.  All I ask is for you to listen to your conscience, and shed whatever politically correct garbage the controlled media, education, and entertainment complex has brainwashed you to accept.  And if what you accepted was found to be anti-White then shed it now, while you still have enough strength to resist the White Guilt emotional baggage that the Cultural Marxists have been injecting into your mind since childhood.

As Karl Rove and his GOP establishment henchmen are doing their part to forgo the opportunity for Tea Party candidates to win seats in Congress the White Community is wondering what is in it for them if the Tea Party people take it home. Cuts in Medicare and Social Security to further impoverish the elderly among our people to satisfy the Tea Party’s desire to “cut spending?” And former GOP Vice-President Candidate Paul Ryan would love that because it is the “conservative” thing to do as he is finding more ways as Senator to strip our elderly of their ability to retire with even a modicum of dignity. Yeah, kick the elderly out on the street so the Koch brothers can profit from their misery.  Do not give me that freedom and prosperity crap while the elderly among our people resort to Alpo for their daily sustenance. Freedom and prosperity for our people will come when the Fed and the Israeli Lobby lose their reign of tyranny over us through the Fed’s control of the money supply, and the inordinate influence the Israeli Lobby has over our foreign policy, which has broken our families and destroyed lives from the unconstitutional wars fought by our military that benefited the banks, the corporations, and Israel.  And do not forget that GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney had no issue with the Fed, and he would have jumped at the chance to please his Zionist handlers to bomb Iran if elected President. But now we have President Obama, with a “Fast and Furious” Attorney General Holder who wants European Americans disarmed so they can carry out their “responsibility to retreat,” while the New Black Panther Party gets federal protection for inciting the killing of European Americans for the love of multiculturalism.  Spare me the choices from the GOP because they do not exist for the betterment of my people. And with that said that leaves us with the viable option to build a White Community to promote and protect our legitimate interests, which have been dismissed for too long by the GOP as their interests are in the votes from the growing population of Hispanics and other minority groups in America.  Do not give the GOP the satisfaction of your vote, even if they take it for granted.  Vote for the White Community with your feet.  Spend your hard-earned money on goods and services from like-minded businesses that support what you stand for.  Move your family to an area with like-minded people. No Neo-Nazi paraphernalia is required because you do not need that kind of negative publicity, especially since the ADL already does that through group infiltration to undermine the White Community.  The last thing our enemies want is normal European Americans to organize as normal European Americans. The GOP can take their “right side of history,” and go down with the rest of Third World mess that they, along with the Democratic Party, have created in America.  As for the White Community we can take care of ourselves, and it would be a lot easier for us to do just that if only the local, state, and federal governments would just leave us alone to allow for our self-determination as a people.

© 2014, Paul M. Lovett