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The Top Three of the GOP Do Not Deserve Your Vote

12 Jan

The year 2016 is a long way off but political pundits cannot help but speculate over who might be the frontrunner for the presidential race.  And it has been more of the same for way too long. False hope has been a shared experience among those who reflectively identify with the GOP on Election Day.  The GOP disappointment of the geriatric neocon warmonger McCain running in 2008, followed by the nicer and more gentlemanly warmonger Romney in 2012, has left a bad taste in the mouths of genuine but misguided conservatives among our people.  The letter “R” must have some magical powers over the minds of many conservative European Americans who would not blink an eye when voting for a candidate with that letter beside his name.  Hopefully, we will learn from the mistakes of the past- but I expect that many will be fooled again with the false hope offered by the top three of the GOP. And the reason I contend that they offer a false hope is based on how they treat the very group they take for granted.  Yes, I am referring to European Americans.


Let us begin with the Tea Party darling Rand Paul.  The gratuitous speech he gave before La Raza regarding his advocacy of immigration reform was intended to ingratiate the growing Hispanic population.  Illegal immigration is what this ethnic voting bloc has put on the table, and the Democrats are delighted to have these criminal trespassers come in to ensure their party’s electoral dominance, in exchange for legislation granting government benefits off the backs of working European Americans.   But the GOP sees the Hispanics as their favorite customer that they need to compete for against their more generous and more compassionate Democratic rivals.  With the European American vote assured the GOP will continue to dismiss them as reliable saps who will dutifully vote for their candidate, no matter how much they disrespect them by appealing to Hispanics at their expense. Or, should I say, at our expense given the reading audience.  We need to personalize this betrayal, and not excuse it as a political maneuver made by Rand Paul.  The GOP just wants the numbers for their corporate and Israeli sponsored candidates to get elected.  It does not matter who is doing the voting because loyalty to our people is not their concern.  That is why the minority vote is appealed to because of the changing demographics- and Rand Paul showed his true colors by his decision to speak before a group dedicated to the displacement of European Americans, through their advocacy of an Atlaz homeland encroachment into a sovereign America. 


And speaking of a potential Azlan candidate we have Senator Marco Rubio, son of Cubans who became American citizens- thus disqualifying him for the Office of President by virtue of not being a natural born citizen.  But Time magazine portrayed him as the “GOP Savior,” which speaks volumes as to what the Establishment would prefer to manipulate.  But this “Tea Party” favorite, for politically correct reasons dutifully followed by European Americans, who stupidly think that appealing to minority candidates will be reciprocated with some social acceptance and favor, showed his true colors (with skin color included) through his involvement in proposing amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens via immigration reform as a member of “The Gang of Eight.” Yes, a gang alright to rob every freedom-loving European American of their heritage by granting citizenship to illegal aliens, resulting in our political disenfranchisement. In other words, Rubio and his kind are trying to take away forever the fruits of our labor for the benefit of Third World government-subsidized traitors, who care nothing about our American way of life of freedom and independence.  Immigration reform is about reforming America into a dumping ground for the foreign borderline retarded, who will gladly vote for our gradual destruction as a people because America to them is not their country but an economy to use to their advantage through wage undercutting- which robs Americans of their jobs.  Rubio Shmubio!  I would not vote for this gangster against my people.


Last but not least, Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie.  He is the governor with the body that cries out for donuts, or anything with doe in it, especially pizza given his Italian American heritage.  Besides the aforementioned cheap shots concerning his rotund profile I cannot get past the sycophantic embrace he gave to Obama when he made his political appearance in New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy.  Would not a respectable handshake suffice? Is Christie supposed to be the potential frontrunner to beat the Democratic challenger who will succeed Obama?  The spectacle of Christie embracing a man viewed by the conservative European American voter as an outright political enemy is a disquieting spectacle to say the least.  The message is clear.  Christie and Obama are of the same progressive cloth. Christie has undermined traditional American values that cannot be explained away with his supposed fair-minded appeals to diversity.  He has used his office to prevent concerned parents to help their children shed the decadent homosexual lifestyle through counseling.  You did not hear any moral protesting coming from Christie’s lips concerning same-sex unions in New Jersey because he does not care, regardless of his Roman Catholic affiliation.  He is a New World Order anti-family political shill with a bombastic personality that gives the appearance of authority, which is really a cover for his cowardliness in not addressing issues important to conservative European Americans because they would be viewed as politically incorrect, i.e. not approved by avowed Cultural Marxists.  He will not take a stand against affirmative action so as to not offend the Hispanics who he sought for their vote in his run for governor.  Conservative European Americans are in need of a strong leader who will represent their interests, but Christie has declined such a noble role because he would rather be aligned with the progressive establishment at war against our people.  Despite my shared Italian American heritage from my mother I cannot identify with this loudmouth establishment politician.


The Three Amigos is an apt name for the GOP establishment trio who may vie for the GOP nomination for president in 2016, given their valued voting bloc target.  They want the Hispanic vote, and they arrogantly expect the conservative European American vote as something to take for granted.  Do not give it to them.  Stand whatever ground you have left, and do not give them an inch because they will take a mile and then some from your hard earned property.  Remember, you cannot afford to have more children of your own, because you have to bust your hump to support someone else’s children who presses “two” for Spanish. We had enough betrayal against our people from one generation to the next coming from the GOP, and we are not going to take it anymore if we have any self respect left.  I have not quibbled over issue differences between the potential GOP candidates for a reason.  As far as I am concerned they do not represent the legitimate political interests of European Americans.  The Three Amigos of the GOP establishment need to head south of the border to better serve their future constituency.


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Amnesty is an Attack Against Our Sovereignty

6 Jul

The conservative side of the debate on amnesty has revolved around the economic sustainability of allowing 11 million illegal aliens (or undocumented immigrants depending on your political views). Although the arguments based on the costs presented by respectable think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation, give the conservatives the benefit of a noncontroversial argument against amnesty the more important reason to be against this policy has not been addressed in a acceptable manner to conservatives. The emergent White nationalist movement, as articulated by such organizations as the Counsel on Conservative Citizens and the relatively new American Freedom Party, rightfully claim that amnesty would be devastating to the political interests of Whites. Albeit a factual statement many conservative Whites shy away from the reality of racially-based political disenfranchisement, because a strident defense against it from them would likely be met with the hackneyed accusation of racism from the opposition- thanks to the gains made by the subversive Cultural Marxists, who have made so called “Political Correctness” the dogmatic creed of the new American mainstream culture that we are presently suffering under. I hope that conservative Whites will reach a shared awareness among their White Nationalist counterparts, that the amnesty issue is more ethno-political than economic in importance. However, the hope I have may not be realized as quickly as I would like it to, although I have seen positive ethno-political developments among the Tea Party types, despite the pro-war deference to Israeli interests among many of them, due to the impact of the Christian Zionist heresy embraced by many fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Given the urgency of the amnesty issue I will now venture to give more focus on our shared American nationalist sentiment, so as to appeal to our shared desire to keep our country free and independent as a motivation to fight amnesty.

Despite the political differences we have under the conservative banner the shared desire to keep America free and independent sidesteps these political differences in a way that does not dismiss their respective importance. For example, the pro-life activist would find common ground with a pro-choice libertarian when our national sovereignty becomes endangered as the United Nations would more readily direct our national policies away from the hands of Americans as a result of amnesty. Our culture of freedom and independence, which is peculiarly American, has been damaged but not totally destroyed. However, we must not be so naive to think that our culture of freedom and independence will remain safely intact after amnesty bears its cultural fruits of slavery and dependence. Culture is realized through people, and when people of markedly different values comprise a substantial group in terms of sheer numbers the culture will be affected- but not in favor of freedom and independence. Such an impact on our American culture would make it more politically palatable for our people to peacefully surrender to global government for the material privileges that the illegal immigrants are now accustomed to receiving. Make no mistake, government dependency is generational. The illegal immigrants came here for a better life, in disregard for the unprincipled way that they sought to attain it. Their children will likely follow in their footsteps of taking advantage of our misguided tolerance and altruism evident in the government social service programs.  The values of freedom and independence are incompatible to the mindset of people that seek government benefits off the backs of taxpayers. Such parasitic people do not have the spirit of independence that has so far stemmed the tide of global government off of America’s shores. Amnesty will dilute our culture with people who do not have an abiding love for our country that we do, and as a result will weaken our collective resolve as Americans to fight for our sovereignty. As in the parable the shepherd will risk his life for his sheep, whereas the hired hand will leave the sheep to be slaughtered for his own safety; such is the case of the illegal immigrant. Amnesty will translate into a progressive loss of our sovereignty, thereby constituting as an mortal assault against it.

The Senate voted for perpetual amnesty as noted by renown researcher Texe Marrs according to his weekly internet broadcast at http://www.texemarrs.com/. What true American would even consider such a treasonous amnesty reform bill, let alone vote in favor of it?  The tempered righteous indignation of the White Christian patriot must rise from the solemn duty to protect our heritage of freedom and independence, which is peculiarly American regardless of the supposed universality of these values. Our heritage is a Christian one derived from our European ancestors- therefore our shared liberty is unique to our nationhood and to our faith. We need to ask ourselves if we value our heritage enough to fight amnesty because an honest assessment of the expectant fruits of amnesty leads one to conclude that this scourge of amnesty in our land leaves destruction to our liberty- and a detrimental obstacle to the expression of our political will. The infusion of Third World dependents means the mortal weakening of our political will. Any Senator who voted for amnesty cared little for your political will. You are just a financial source to buy votes for Third World dependents, who the corporations prefer to hire as they would not need to provide health care benefits because the federal government will subsidize them. Have we grown weary enough of being used by those who care little about our economic welfare? As for me I have not only grown weary enough but I have become more emboldened than ever in doing my modest part to fight amnesty as a mortal threat against our sovereignty. No feckless salvo of Cultural Marxist ad hominem attacks from Leftist scum will discourage me from defending my American heritage. I recognize the fact that defending your heritage is an act of war because taking a stand for what you value is going to be met with hostility by those who hate what you value. To risk being redundant I will declare that we are at war, and it is about time that all of us view amnesty as an act of war against us.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett