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Attacking the Confederate Battle Flag is an Attack against Western Civilization

19 Jul

The hatred of Western civilization was made evident by the counter-protesters at the pro-Confederate rally in Columbia, South Carolina. The pro-Confederate protest was a natural outward expression of a people who have for so long been oppressed by the Communistic policies of affirmative action and Third World immigration. Just as the White Christians resisted the godless tyranny of the Bolsheviks in Russia so too are the White Christian Southerners who refuse to kowtow to the politically correct establishment in South Carolina, which is comprised of compromising and gutless party members of the GOP: the party who implicitly represent White Christians. The South Carolina GOP represents business interests, especially the special interests of Jewish casino mogul Samuel Adelson who buys influence from Governor Haley to thwart Internet gambling under the cover of “family values.” What family values does this Indian American represent? Are they the Third World communal values that oppose the proud Western heritage of White Christian Americans who uphold the honor of their fathers and their love for freedom from tyranny? Governor Haley despises the values of our country’s Founders because she used the powers of her office to oppose the flying of the Confederate battle flag, a clarion symbol representing the authority of Christ among those who defended their families and honor against the Communist-led forces of the Union. Government-imposed removal of symbols representing the heritage of a distinct people is an act of cultural genocide. The cowardly members of the House and Senate in South Carolina cared more about pleasing the ignorant haters of Confederate heritage than the principles of freedom from tyranny that our country was founded. The Confederate battle flag represents the good of our Western civilization. To attack the Confederate battle flag is to attack Western civilization- and as a defender of Western civilization I stand in proud opposition to the forces that seek to destroy the symbols of a people who I regard as fellow patriots in the cause of freedom for Western man.

© 2015, Paul M. Lovett