Division in the White Community-Southern Nationalists and “Konservatives”

10 Dec

Southern Nationalists and Goy Kosher Conservatives (“Konservatives” for short) are dividing the White Community, and they are throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into efforts in unifying European America under a larger and more inclusive nationalist movement. My grief started by some anti-American Southern Nationalist who showed some cartoon character wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt pissing on Old Glory. The American Imperialism that the Southern Nationalists claim that Old Glory symbolizes is rightly lost in translation when we remind ourselves of our modern coddled and materialistic ways, in comparison to the desperate conditions and deaths suffered by the brave and hardened American troops at Valley Forge during the War for Independence from British tyranny- which contributed greatly to the founding our country. Pipsqueak Southern Nationalists not a day over 30 can spew their vitriol over America as though her founding was after the Civil War, and blithely dismiss the honorable sacrifice of those who bled in battle for the freedoms we enjoy. Old Glory predates the Civil War so do not dishonor Old Glory and expect a free pass when you use the word “nationalist” to describe your political persuasion.

You can criticize the corrupt statist federal government, but don’t think that you will be left unscathed by nationalists north of the Mason-Dixon Line when you dishonor Old Glory, and show your hatred for Yankees because of a war that neither of us were old enough to fight in. Need I remind you of the British treachery that sought to rip apart our country during the Civil War, with the intention of leaving two weaker ones to be enslaved under the British and the banking interests? Wake up to the fact that this infighting among us nationalists is getting us nowhere as the banking interests of today want us divided so they can conquer us more easily. And, yes, the banking interests are Jewish, so spare me the anti-Semitic labeling of me for merely alluding to an historic fact. I cannot help if the perpetrators had Jewish names like Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff. We need to replace the infighting with unity based on common interests, i.e. ending illegal immigration, affirmative action, no-win unconstitutional wars, and race-based programs that benefit government favored groups at the expense of working class and middle class European Americans. And to the Southern Nationalists who respect Old  Glory and the United States Constitution I say the following: continue to honor your heritage, stand for what you believe in, but know that your allies north of the Mason-Dixon Line do not take too kindly the dishonoring of Old Glory by some of your disrespectful brethren. Now I turn to my ongoing source of frustration: Goy Kosher Conservatives (“Konservatives”).

When I hear the refrain, “We stand with Israel,” I often wonder if these people who say such uncritical nonsense really know what they are saying. Am I to think that they are so ill-informed that they do not know that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an unregistered agent of the Israeli government? The ADL was instrumental in pushing homosexuality in the United States military, in violation of George Washington’s longstanding moral policy. Yes, moral policy. “Konservatives”, who are infected by the heresy of Christian Zionism, love to wax about the immorality of homosexuality, which is clearly based on scripture. But the ADL is not mentioned in the sermons as the perpetrators who promote the homosexuality agenda. Why? Is it because the pastors don’t know? I cannot accept the claim of such sheer ignorance from pastors, given the readily available knowledge provided by the Internet. The pastors know about Jewish involvement in the homosexual agenda, but they choose to not tell their flock about the connecting dots- which would guide them into actions that would be in keeping with God’s will for us to fulfill our hunger and thirst for righteousness. But righteousness is given a back seat to the dictates of political correctness- and money.

When the Johnson Amendment neutered the churches politically, by way of forcing them in exchanging their freedom of speech (political speech) for tax incentives, the moral cowardice that followed, as shown by the political ascendancy and acceptance of homosexuality in America society, is an indictment against the White Christian churches for refusing to uphold the righteousness of Christ in the public square. Money has become their object of love, not the righteousness of Christ in the public square. Yes, the public square. However, the “We Support Israel” mantra is the politically correct expression that serves as the moral self-congratulatory means to get Christians out into the public square. And we have horrific proof of the effectiveness of this political activism in the broken lives of military men and women who served in the wars for Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The economic conservatism these ‘Konservatives” advocate becomes hypocrisy in light of the excessive spending to fight these wars that benefitted a country foreign to our own. These mainly Christian Zionists, an oxymoron in the fullest meaning of the word, might as well salute the Israeli flag because their political activism conveys where their loyalty lies. Their belief in the political confluence of Israel and America is a delusion from hell because support for Israel has demonstrated itself as an act of treason. The epitome of this delusion is exquisitely expressed by former governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, when he stupidly called for the pardon of Jonathan Pollard, the American Jewish spy who stole our national secrets for Israel, resulting in the deaths of countless men and women fighting in the Cold War. Israel sold our national secrets to China, a Communist nation who openly regards America as their enemy. What more do we need to convince us that Israel is not our friend? Need I go on and mention the Israeli Lobby’s power over Congress? Need I remind the reader about the utter sycophantic display of praise to the butcher Netanyahu by Congress, expressed by the excessive numbers of standing ovations made by our “representatives” in Congress so as to please their Zionist financial backers? How is it that winning an election through such funding can be considered a victory, when the policies pushed in Congress go against the interests of working Americans? Goy Kosher Conservatives have no place to speak for the interests of working American if they advocate unconstitutional wars that destroy lives, which raise taxes to pay a debt that can never be paid, thereby serving the anti-Christ usury system of the Jewish banking interests.

I understand that caution needs to be exercised in political labeling because simplistic thinking may arise, which may not accurately reflect political realities. However, as a political observer I seen enough of the posts from many Southern Nationalists that make me question where their loyalties lie. There is a difference between criticizing our federal government, and regarding it as our enemy. Even though the actions of our federal government are often inimical to our interests we should never lose sight of the fact that the real issue is who occupying positions of power in our federal government, not the federal government itself. The power this institution welds can be for good or for ill, and as we can honestly observe that those in positions of power are directing many good and honest people in government to carry out policies hostile to European American. My contention with many Southern Nationalists is their approach can be fairly construed as disloyalty to America when they dishonor Old Glory, and express utter hatred for our federal government which we, as Americans, have allowed to become corrupt because of our own corruption. If the Southern Nationalists prefer separation then perhaps they also want the absence of American military protection from invasion. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I am all for self determination, but defamation of America by these Southern Nationalists will be met with resistance from America nationalists like me who want what is best for European Americans. And the “Konservatives”, on the other hand, are even worse because they are working, hand-in-hand, with our enemies because of the influence of Christian Zionism, which is a death cult as they stupidly follow wolves in sheep clothing like Pastor John Hagee, who gets fat off the largess of corrupt lucre from Israel, a country of White sex slavery and drug trafficking. Both political groups are obstinate, but they are not hopeless even though they presently appear to be. They are sources of division in the cause of European America unity, but they ironically share much of what many in the cause stand for, such as fighting illegal immigration, affirmative action, and the promotion of Western values in American society. And the fact that they share much of what we stand for makes it particularly painful to us when we envision what political cooperation could bring to our cause. In politics numbers mean everything, but a determined few in the cause for European American unity mean something too. I will fight the good fight for European American unity, regardless of the many people who choose to stand down in the fight for the survival of our people.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


Busting the Gates at the Tea Party Corral

7 Dec

There is a blatant inconsistency demonstrated among Tea Party activists who decry the tyrannical excesses of the Obama administration, but remain sheepishly silent over the White Elephant taking a political bowel movement over our cherished American traditions and liberties. The White Elephant is the Israeli Lobby. As a political observer I cannot fathom the authenticity of alleged blindness among those of the Tea Party movement, who are mainly European American and Christian. They know the truth, with the exception of the ignorant newcomers of the movement. I would often in the recent past post articles critical of the Israeli Lobby that would shed a harsh spotlight on the atrocities suffered by brethren of my Christian faith in Gaza. The explosion of phosphorous bombs over women and children perpetrated by the Israeli Defense Force is one demonic example of such atrocities. Yes, demonic: a word that should hold special meaning to any Christian worth his salt. But despite such reminders of the demonic to my White Christian friends on Facebook not a “like” or comment from those who hold to the faith was forthcoming. I hear only crickets as it were, and such is the case at these Tea Party rallies. I understand that Obama is the perfect lightning rod to energize the Tea Party movement, but the real culprits are hiding behind the curtains, pulling the levers of social control. And, yes, they like lox and bagels. But an energized Tea Party pink bunny banging a stupid drum will not adequately articulate the reality of Zionist tyranny. The need for such articulation is needed more than ever for the sake of our freedom and survival as a people. Catastrophic total war may be unleashed as a result of calls to support Israel among heretical White Christian Zionists who regard such insanity as ordained by God. I will leave the courageous anti-Zionist blogger Joe Cortina at http://mynameisjoecortina.wordpress.com/ to comment on the ignorant “Bapdahs” who stupidly regard the Jews as God’s chosen people, in utter contradiction to what is written in scripture regarding the enemies of Christ- and of White Christians by default.

Despite political and religious differences among those in the White Community I believe that most of us share the goal of avoiding World War Three. But the heretical death cult of blinded believers of Christians United for Israel are being manipulated by their leader Pastor John Hagee, who calls for preemptively striking Iran to please his Zionist handlers who keep him fat, dumb, and happy. I could not help but turn away in utter disgust when I saw an artistic rendering of my Savior beside the Babylonian 6-Pointed Star in the pro-Zionist website World Net Daily- a symbol that cannot abide with the cross among those who know the truth. The very war that would decimate our freedoms is what the Christian Zionist death cult is calling for- and the Tea Party people are not saying a word about it is a contradiction to the freedom that they purport to promote in their misguided activism. Perhaps many in the Tea Party movement belong to the Christian Zionist death cult as they reflectively chant “We Support Israel,” despite the anti-Christian and anti-White policies implemented by the domestic intelligence arm of Israel in the United States: the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). I encourage you to read John de Nugent’s excellent article on the circumstances surrounding the founding of the ADL at http://www.democratic-republicans.us/glory-to-mary-phagan-and-the-white-men-who-avenged-her-2. You will learn about the honorable vengeance exercised by the White men for the murder of Mary Phagen by the Jew Leo Frank, and the ignominious support provided to Leo Frank among those who founded the ADL. Such honorable vengeance is what we need today in the Tea Party movement against those who are complicit in destroying our freedoms for the sake of International Zionism.

As the human cattle are confined to the Tea Party Corral to await political slaughter we are responsible, by virtue of our knowledge and convictions regarding the survival of our people, to bust the gates opens, and free our cattle counterparts to join us in the real fight against those who hold the levers of political power. Education about illegal immigration as framed in the context of our survival is essential. The emphasis of economism over survival has been the “conservative” message of the Rush Limbaughs and the Sean Hannitys of the world, which has made a mockery of conserving the very people who are the rightful beneficiaries of the “Blessings of Liberty” as expressed in the Preamble of the United States Constitution. Our people have been robbed of our inheritance, and the Tea Party people talk about lowering taxes as though that was more important than our own survival. I am all for lowering taxes and smaller government, but spare me the love of money that permeates those who look out only for their selfish individualistic interests, and who care very little about our survival in this anti-White multicultural wasteland we call America that used to be a predominantly White country that I was blessed to being born into. Think. How could money benefit those who are not around to enjoy it? First thing is first. Focus on protecting our interests in surviving by using the money we earn, and frame the lowering of taxes and smaller government as a means to that end. Our political enemies are well funded. We cannot afford to allow our political enemies the luxury of us having our hard-earned money being consistently spent on Chinese junk at Wal-Mart. Use some of that money for a pro-White cause you believe in, and feel good about doing something beyond satisfying your consumerist drives. The Tea Party has the numbers, and we need the numbers that result in busting the gates at the Tea Party Corral for the liberation of our people.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett

Genuflection to MLK is Idolatry Against God

8 Oct

As I was surfing the Internet to find the name of the director of the NAACP chapter of Augusta, Georgia for research purposes I came across a serendipitous find that shed all pretenses of a non-partisanship regarding civil rights from the city’s mayor, based on a certificate from his office to recognize “AUGUSTA BRANCH NAACP FREEDOM FUND DAY.” The claim on the certificate that King’s “Dream” was to improve the quality of life for all people is a patent lie, shown by the euphemistically termed “affirmative action” public policy of hiring Blacks over more qualified Whites, which King endorsed without reservation. King was a plagiarist, womanizer, and a Communist in everything but name given his subversive political affiliations. The certificate can be found at http://www.augustaga.gov/archives/46/Augusta%20Branch%20NAACP_%20Jan%2021.pdf. As an anti-Communist White Christian I refuse to pull back my verbal punches because I have seen for myself how my generation has lost its birthright of the “blessings of liberty’ for a bowl of Cultural Marxist slop.

Much of this lost of our birthright is due to the socially engineered adulation of this Communist god MLK by the mainstream media. The early Christians refused to give allegiance to Caesar as their god because it would be the ultimate betrayal against the True God over All Creation, which resulted in their most certain execution: their martyrdom in holding steadfast to the faith. Likewise, I choose to follow the example of my past Christian brethren in spirit by refusing to honor a reprobate man who used the cleric collar to advanced a political agenda championed by unbelievers and Christ-haters. The movement to replace our “God-given rights” with government-granted “civil rights” has become institutionalized for those who should be institutionalized for giving up our blessings of liberty without a fight against the Communist-inspired civil rights movement- a movement that was set out to destroy the freedoms of White Americans for not only during that tumultuous time in our history but for the generations that followed to this very day.

The ignominious status of our people, in groveling for the crumbs of government recognition of our legitimate grievance of political disenfranchisement resulting from illegal immigration, needs to be replaced by the dignified but strident affirmation of the importance of citizenship through the confident demand to strip these illegal immigrants of all voting rights by requiring documentation with no apologies. If you are a Mexican here illegally then show your papers so we can deport you back to your country because America is not your country. America is our country, founded by Whites and founded for Whites according to the Founding Fathers. And if that sounds too mean to you because of the exclusiveness of the message then it needs to be said as such so you can hear the righteous indignation in my voice through these printed words. My country was 90% White when I was born back in 1961, and now it is somewhere around 60% today. Do you expect me to join in the “Diversity is Our Strength” chorus with these genocidal statistics?  Not a chance.

I am angry, and I have no qualms in telling you in your face that my people are being killed by Black savages because they are White, and I am not going to play the role of a conservative pantywaist and refuse to condemn the murderous Black savages for the scum that they are, because that would be an insult to the dignity of my people. Yes, my people. White People! Oh, that sounds so racist; does it not? Well, it only sounds racist to an anti-White lemming who would rather jump off the cliff because many others are doing the same thing by allowing the enemies of our people free reign in the public square. I would rather follow the example of George Lincoln Rockwell when he tore down the Viet Cong flag because of the seditious stand this vile flag was making in a country that is suppose to be for freedom. The same applies to the homosexual Christ-haters who flaunt their disdain for God’s righteousness, by falsely claiming the dignity of their perversion without shame. What these Christ-hating homosexuals need is a confrontation by God-fearing White Christian men who are not afraid to call a spade a spade, and call these perverts out as an abomination to God and His Holiness.

No more tolerance for the idolatry of genuflecting to MLK, which the entire subversive collective is based on for its existential legitimacy. And once the idol is destroyed for the sake of Jesus Christ the entire subversive collective has no moral stand to enforce its tyranny over us, because the “civil rights” replacement of our God-given rights would show itself for the lie and the sham that it is. Thank God for the Internet because not a peep of the truth about MLK would be uttered via the Jewish dominated mainstream media. In due time the truth will finally win over the lie, and freedom for our people will be ours at last!

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


Platform of the Constitution Party of Georgia

19 Sep

Platform of the Constitution Party of Georgia

A Nation under God or Cultural Marxism

13 Sep

The Jewish controlled mainstream media is complicit in the genocidal murders of White Christians by Blacks in South Africa, because they deliberately imposed a media blackout by not reporting it, knowing full well that this blackout would help perpetuate the atrocities. If this genocide was reported by the mainstream media lives could have been saved, but because of Political Correctness, i.e. Cultural Marxism, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are being slaughtered by Communist Black savages.

Because of President Obama’s political sympathies with the likes of Communist such as Nelson Mandela, who sung about killing Whites as shown on YouTube, he refuses to call for the end to these atrocities because saving the lives of these White farmers, I believe, conflicts with the narrative that the moral authority of the Communist regime must not be questioned, which again is in keeping with Political Correctness. On Saturday, August 24, 2013, it was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, which was written by his personal adviser Stanley Levinson, a member of the Communist Party who received funding from the Soviet Union. How do you expect me, a White Anti-Communist Christian, to celebrate this speech? For the sake of Political Correctness? I will not honor this speech because these civil rights leaders refuse to at least acknowledge that the White farmers of South Africa also have the most basic right given by God: life- which is a more sacred right than the civil right for a pauper to vote for a traitor of the Constitution for more welfare benefits. What is the reason for this exclusion of White genocide in the mainstream civil rights dialogue?

The civil rights leaders have an agenda, which is the political disenfranchisement of White Americans for the benefit of themselves and the people they represent, as demonstrated by their push to end the Stand Your Ground laws, which are intended to enable people to defend themselves regardless of race from vicious life-threatening attacks, as it was in the case of George Zimmerman. In other words, these civil rights leaders would rather have White Americans risk their lives , and at the same time have one of their own protected when they viciously attack White Americans, thereby in effect denying White Americans the God-given right of self defense in such situations. Is this the “civil right” that these civil right leaders want to protect: the right for violent Blacks to viciously attack Whites without the risk of fatality that may result from the victim acting on the God-given right of self defense? Is this the “equality” that these civil right leaders are seeking, which smacks of George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, which depicted a fictional society where the pigs lectured on “equality” by reminding the animals on the farm that they themselves were more equal than all other animals?

The civil rights movement has kept the ugly head of its Communist roots from public view with its socially acceptable calls for racial equality under the law, but with the protests calling for the repeal of the Stand Your Ground laws the ugly head has inadvertently shown itself, through an underhanded attempt via political intimidation the means to disarm White Americans so as to wage a more successful racial war against them. The deafening silence coming from the civil rights leadership, over the death threats against Whites in response to Travon Martin’s death from their more thuggish Black sympathizers, is a blatant revelation of their refusal to bring moderation to the civil discourse that one would expect from the civil rights leadership. But instead of calling for moderation from their own in the Black community, especially from their violence-prone Facebook and Twitter account holders, the NAACP has requested a compliant administration to pursue civil charges against George Zimmerman for killing Travon Martin out of self-defense, thereby aggravating further the living hell of a man who valued his life enough to protect himself from possible death, through what I believe to be the reluctant but necessary use of lethal force.  Furthermore, calls to end the violence against White Americans from the civil rights leadership, in reaction to the verdict from the Black community, have not been forthcoming-even when framed as a universal appeal to human decency, which should be the common civil denominator between Blacks and Whites.

Opportunities to quell violence have been deliberately ignored by the civil rights leadership- and for good reason. For a successful campaign to politically disenfranchise White Americans different tactics must be used against them. One tactic of choice, in light of the demonstrated motivation and proclivity towards violence among their young and able-bodied, but emotionally undisciplined and weak-minded, is physical intimidation. And it was physical intimidation that was used by the New Black Panther Party in the 2008 presidential election with the intention of unlawfully precluding Whites from going to the polls, which may have contributed toward bringing Obama into office.

I believe that it is the fear of physical intimidation from Black thugs that is partly keeping our people from venturing out of the relatively safe confines of the Internet onto the streets. The hard right-turn of taking our cause to the streets to protest our oppression must be made to render the physical intimidation ineffectual- and to contribute towards the success of our cause by not only making it visible to the people at large, but to inspire our people to action. We cannot count on any other group to stand up for us. Their apathy for our oppression, and their hostile misunderstanding of our cause, does not qualify them to take a stand for us. We are alone and deserving of this struggle because we have tolerated the oppression as cowards as we took solace in the material indulgence afforded by our affluence, rather than fight the good fight of defending our White Christian heritage against the cultural subversion of political correctness. No pleasant diversion will relieve us of the spiritual pain that comes from the realization of losing our American birthright before our very eyes through amnesty and Third World immigration. The jeers of being labeled racist and anti-Semitic for defending your American birthright will sound weak and desperate to you as you come to realize that the purported edifice of Cultural Marxism is but a flimsy house of cards against the refreshing breeze of truth and liberty authored by God.  What confidence can compare to the one that only comes from following the will of God which is this: defending our American birthright, which is a nation of our own under God, not a nation under Cultural Marxism?

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett

Apathy to White Oppression is Complicity to White Oppression

23 Aug

Many political commentators appear to be at a lost for words in response to the blatant and deliberate exclusion of White subjection to violent crime as an issue of social oppression. Despite the mainstream media blackout of abundant incidences of horrendous crimes against Whites by parasitic Black savages the visibility of a clear pattern is evident, thanks to the courageous discussions initiated and promoted by a refreshing new breed of political commentators on the Internet who I believe only answer to their conscience. One example that comes to my mind are two responsible and intelligent political commentators who represent White interests, Joseph De Adams and John King of The White Voice at http://thewhitevoice.com/. Their effectiveness in expressing their balanced but uncompromising views through YouTube has earned them the noble distinction of being temporarily banned for courageously violating the community standards of what I believe to be Cultural Marxism. I watched John King’s passionate moral indictment of White conservatives that was genuine and on target one day on YouTube. His unapologetic stance on the hypocrisy of White conservatives, with their cowardly silence to White oppression, spoke to my personal frustration with these types. It is comforting to know that I am far from alone in speaking out against what could fairly be defined as White oppression in the worse way it can be perpetrated, which is through murder of our own by these parasitic Black savages who have selfishly fed off the industry of our people with an utter lack of gratitude through confiscatory taxation schemes and communistic wealth distribution, i.e. funding of government schools through property taxes for those who pay nothing for education, and the social welfare scheme of food stamps for able-bodied men and women who prefer government dependency to work. The recent murder of an Australian college baseball player, Chris Lane, exemplifies the utter contempt these parasitic Black savages have for God’s will as expressed through the creation of our race, which has been a demonstrable source of beneficence to mankind by virtue of our shared high regard for liberty, truth, industry and beauty as values that have guided our race through our historical struggles, achievements, and at times ignoble mistakes. The opportunity and potential for achievement that was residing in this promising young man has been denied to him, to humanity, and particularly to our people. Every murder committed by these parasitic Black savages against us is a threat to our existence when contemplated in the cultural context of widespread apathy across racial lines- even our own I am sad to say. What endangerment does this apathy have to our existence as a people?

When murders against our people are blacked out by the mainstream media, through the utter absence of dialogue among the pundits regarding the context of these evil acts as a threat to our existence as a people, then it should not surprise us that many people will be apathetic by not seeing these murders as existential threats. Such murders fall into the mainstream narrative as isolated incidences. When reported in the mainstream media these murders eventually fall into the memory hole, given the public’s short term perspective on current events, which the mainstream media understandably takes advantage of by the passing manner it presents the news. However, thanks to the Internet we are reminded, albeit sporadically, of certain outrageous murders such as the atrocious slaying of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian by parasitic Black savages who I believe were  guided by monstrous demons, given the unspeakably hideous manner they chose to carry out their evil deed. Nevertheless, we cannot escape the issue of apathy among our own because it is that apathy that has enabled this pattern of social oppression. The part of the reason for this apathy , I believe, is the dehumanizing and culturally destructive influence of Cultural Marxism in American society , and to our people in particular.

The untold evisceration of our people’s will, by the insidious subversion of Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School, to effectively stand up in unity against these parasitic Black savage murders of Whites in the context of them being an existential threat, is a testament to the diabolical cleverness of Cultural Marxism. It is not an exaggeration to state that Cultural Marxism, i.e. political correctness, is a ethical code and subversive ideology that our enemies have sought to effectively establish to replace the one that our people have followed for centuries, that being Christianity and the Holy Bible. The evidence for this understandably bold statement is preponderant. For example, the acceptance of same-sex marriage by many as an expression of humanitarian tolerance to alternative lifestyles, in the spirit of celebrated equality and progressive understanding, is promoted in utter contradistinction to the unmistakeable clear biblical teaching forbidding homosexuality. I want to borrow the term “inversion” used by the prominent Canadian White Nationalist Paul Fromm to define the ethical code of Cultural Marxism, which he eloquently expressed in a speech he gave regarding the ascendancy of Obama and Clinton as the politicians of choice representing the Democratic Party. Cultural Marxism is an inversion of Christianity. Its proselytizers seek to overthrow the Christian foundation of our Western Civilization, and in particular our American Constitutional Republic. Make no mistake, with the acceptance of homosexuals in the military the Cultural Marxists have succeeded to undermine our perceived moral authority to condemn this evil practice, because a major respected institution in our American society has accepted it as a specious appeal to the highly regarded value of privacy. The public trust has been violated by this change in policy because this open compromise in the ethical standard held for generations, which is used to rightly measure the moral character of the men and women who are presently serving, is damaging to our national security and survival. The spiritual repercussions of the American military tacitly renouncing Christ through this change in policy are staggering to the imagination of true believers.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but our leaders choose the foolishness of human pride that decides what is right and wrong outside of God’s will. And when such major and respected institutions follow the ethical code of Cultural Marxism to defy Christian morality we can expect that apathy will follow because no society can effectively hold obedience as a whole to God as important while disobedience is at the same time is accepted, even celebrated as in the case of homosexuality. Therefore, it should not be presumptuous  to expect that the importance of the Christian prohibition against murder has been mitigated by Cultural Marxism, given the low regard that this ethical worldview has for our civilization and, by default, our people. Let us conjecture as to how the apathy stemming from the lack of importance placed on such prohibitions were formed in the weak and corrupted minds of the parasitic Black savages who killed Chris Lane.

The uncensored calls to kill Whites promulgated in rap music is all too evident to require any need to elaborate. With a lack of outrage by Whites for this overt expression of racial genocide only substantiates the idea in the weak and corrupt minds of these parasitic Black savages that there is a marked lack of importance in the life of a White man such as Chris Lane. The dynamic of our observation of such apathy from our own people can further belittle the importance  of defending our honor as a people. If, for example, the respected Black actor, Jamie Fox, can crack jokes about his killing of White folks in the vile movie, Django Unchained, to a predominantly White audience then what can be said of the apathy that many of our own people have in the life of one of our own as our own? Plenty- and embarrassingly so I might add. I could go on and on as to the reason I believe to be the pervasive cultural force behind the demoralization of our people that has led to the point where Black parasitic savages can murder a White man and laugh about it. That pervasive cultural force, that reason for our demoralization, is Cultural Marxism, which is the inversion of Christianity, and it is the ideological orthodoxy of the Left, formulated by a cadre of Jewish Marxist intellectuals back in the early 1920’s who sought to literally destroy Western civilization from within, and by default destroy us as a people. And our sycophantic obedience to this subversive ideology is especially sickening when you think of the purpose of this ideology, which is demonic as it attempts to destroy us- literally. Therefore, our self destruction, our apathy, is our complicity to the death of our people. Many readers may regard my argument as a shrill exaggeration, an over-the-top diatribe, given the seemingly anecdotal incidences of Black on White murder. Need I refer to the documented systematic genocidal murder of White Boer farmers by parasitic Black savages, which is blacked out of the Jewish dominated mainstream media? If truth is anti-Semitic or racist then so be it in the skewed minds of the politically correct because I have a low regard for such coined terms, given their origination from certain subversive Jews, namely the murderous Communist Jew Leon Trotsky who coined the term “racist.” So as a good anti-Christ Communist sympathizer please feel free to glibly use the term “racist” against me so as to vindicate that I am following God’s will. A day will come when the Cultural Marxists and their cowardly sympathizers will soil themselves in fear of a resurgent White resistance to the subversive Jewish tyranny of the heart and mind, which is Cultural Marxism; the inversion of Christianity and the ideological poison to my race. Lastly, my frequent use of the phrase “parasitic Black savages,” was reserved exclusively for the Black murderers of my people. I remained tempered but uncompromising in my indictment, which I would expect from my fellow brothers in Christ from other races, including the Black race because God does not show favoritism.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett

Unseating the Followers of Satan from Power

8 Aug

The righteous lamentations from White Christians over the corruption in government are often left without a call to rectify this evident moral degradation. There is a sigh of resignation over the deplorable state of affairs with hopeful reminders of heaven and the rapture. As the political world goes to the proverbial hell many of the devout quietly accept the unpleasant reality, and think of heavenly things. Perhaps a poignant question to ask these good people would be whether they want there children to live under the present tyranny. I would expect the answer to be a resounding no. However, the connection of what they can do to make a difference for their children to fight tyranny would either be lost- or passively past on to God in prayer. Yes, some people would be up in arms as they come to a more fuller realization of the pervasiveness and depth of the evil- but opportunities to divert attention away from the unpleasantness are ample. Sports comes to mind because the display of passion for ones team is unparalleled by the lack of righteous indignation against the enemies of Christ who are now holding positions of power over our nation.

One example of a political issue worthy to be fought over in the public arena is the acceptance of homosexuals in the Armed Forces. When Congress decided to renounce Christ and his holy dictates, by voting in favor of admitting open homosexuals into the ranks, this signified in my mind the moral downfall of our nation. The importance that the politicians placed, in political correctness and tolerance over the moral law of God, made it clear that the cultural values held in high esteem are no longer Christian but communistic in everything but name. The Frankfurt School’s long march into American culture left in its wake an inversion of cultural values that are more aligned with Cultural Marxism as the dominant moral principle. Respect for the private lives of homosexuals, and the tolerant inclusion of their depravity, conveyed the impression that this was regarded as a noble attitude by the mainstream media.

Need I remind you that it was the ADL who pushed for homosexuals to serve in the military. The anti-Christian sentiment expressed in homosexual advocacy is Jewish; that is a fact. However, the Christian clergy will shy away from expressing this apparent inconvenient fact, by merely refusing to mention the religious persuasion and racial make up of the organized advocacy for homosexual rights. The apparent nature of this inconvenient fact stems from the heretical doctrine of Christian Zionism, which tends to absolve the Jews of their anti-Christian political activism as a function of the favoritism towards Jews expressed in the doctrine. Granted, Christian Zionist preachers will assail the evils of homosexuality- but they will be sheepishly silent about Jewish involvement in the homosexual movement. Make no mistake, these Christian Zionist preachers are merely acting in accordance to those who are in charge politically. They will not dare challenge the Jews in their complicity to the homosexual movement in fear of losing their 501c3 tax exempt status. In other words, cowardly compromise and compliance to Jewish political domination is the preferred course for these Christian Zionist preachers.

Cowardly compromise and compliance to Jewish political domination is not the most effective position to take in a movement to resist it. To unseat the rulers requires that we first identify them as Jewish. We cannot be so timid as to allow a glib charge of antisemitism to keep us from speaking the truth that they are the primary perpetrators of the corruptive influence in our American society, by virtue of their power in politics, media, and finance in reference to David Duke’s Zio Trio of spheres of societal influence. It is not the fault of mainstream media or Hollywood because they are the mere mediums used to manipulate and effectively disarm White Christians. For example, pornography has been used to divert a White Christian man’s focus from Christ, truth, and justice through enticing images of women engaged in erotic activity for the purpose of sexually arousing the viewer. Note that the main purveyor of such filth are Jewish businessmen who want to make money in degrading White Christian men, so as to render them spiritually ineffective in the moral fight against the agenda of furthering Jewish political dominance in American society. The followers of Satan want to remain on top. I for one do not want such types to make decisions as to what is mainstreamed, and what remains hidden or vilified for the furtherance of their diabolical agenda of continuing to keep our culture bereft of the confident expression of our White Christian heritage. White Christians are the target, and that is the reason I am calling the perpetrators out because my people have been the traditional enemy of the chosen tribe. Jewish enmity runs cold and deep, which explains the pattern of the chosen tribe to champion causes antithetical to my people, such as Third World immigration, political correctness, affirmative action, etc. Given the irreconcilable differences between White Christians and Talmudic Jews I foresee no end to the culture war because only victory will be acceptable to both sides- even though only one side can win. Let it be our side that wins the war, regardless of how embattled we are in the struggle to break the yoke of Zionist enslavement.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett