Many American conflate the interests of America with those of Israel; I do not. The Israeli Lobby has revealed itself as a mortal threat to America through its unrelenting push for our nation to war against countries who neither have the will nor capability to fight against our military might- but would be forced to defend themselves through unconventional means because of Zionist treachery involved in manipulating the American public to support the foreign policy heresy of military interventionism. My blog is my weapon against the neoconservative Zionist cowards who could care less about the spilling of more American blood for the corporations, Israel, and the international bankers. As a follower of Christ I view Christian Zionism as a subversive religious movement that contributes to un-Christian warmongering and American military preemption- which defies the Christian concept of a Just War. Sovereignty4us is about you and me living in a free and prosperous America where God is honored through the Golden Rule, not dishonored by Zionist treason against the founding principles that made America a free and prosperous nation, which are embodied in the Holy Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution.


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