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Phil Robertson: Political Casualty of War Against European Americans

29 Dec

As far as I am concerned Phil Robertson merely spoke what many of us elect to keep to ourselves about the scourge of homosexuality. He exercised the courage to express the disapproval of this decadent lifestyle from a biblical perspective, but I believe it goes further than taking a moral stand.  Phil Robertson is a European American, and he went out on the limb as one of our own and defied the political correctness that has enslaved us as a people for too damn long. It was a sublime act of defiance against the anti-White and anti-Christian culture celebrated in the mainstream media. The television show, Duck Dynasty, has become a cash cow for the tribe- but they were not going to allow their feeding hand to be bit by some insolent male Goy who had the courage to speak his mind, or, in other words, to be true to his race by acting like any morally confident White man. Courage is the value of our people. Let anyone be damned who thinks that we of the White Community are going to remain silent because of some speech restrictions imposed by some overpaid Cultural Marxist executives in the controlled media.

The controlled media is a domestic enemy against the United States Constitution.  I am speaking about the same media that deliberately corrupts the American people to make them less like a Phil Robertson, and more like a Miley Cyrus. Yes, deliberately corrupt the American people to keep them docile and compliant like sheep on their way to the political slaughter house of NWO enslavement. Sounds like a “domestic enemy against the United States Constitution” does it not? And all this pseudo-pontification coming from liberal pundits over Phil Robertson’s statements are to be viewed as political speech salvos against our people. The sooner we realize that the controlled media, i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, is not our friend but our enemy the sooner we can collectively counter-attack with truth and promotion of our own values. We are at war people!  Phil Robertson is a casualty in a political speech war against the controlled media, which begs the question as to who is doing the controlling.  I will leave it up to the reasonably informed reader to answer the question because I do not want to digress from where I am going with the political speech point I am trying to make.

Do not think for a second that the news and entertainment we are bombarded with has no political agenda behind it?  Keep in mind that there is an enforcement of public policy, for example, in the homosexual agenda being pushed in the news and in the entertainment we are exposed to. All the criticism of Phil Robertson from the liberal pundits is the enforcement of that public policy. The public policy concerning the homosexual agenda has already been enforced in our American military under the guise of equality and tolerance.  Public policy is simply what those who weld political power want the American people to be enslaved under. Yes, the homosexual agenda is all about slavery because it is a public policy attempt to force us to concede to that which is morally repugnant to those who want to preserve our people though the traditional institute of marriage.  Strong families stem from strong marriages, which, in turn, contribute to the numeric and moral strength of our people. And the last thing our enemies want is a strong people, both in numbers and in character.

When Phil Robertson took his stand he represented every European American who had enough of the politically correct tyranny that strives to undermine us through restrictions on our political speech through economic means, which is particularly loathsome because it attempts to deprive us of our daily bread when we act upon a God-given right compelled by a moral conscience.  Any employer who would fire an employee, for acting upon a God-given right compelled by a moral conscience, leaves no doubt as to what master he serves.  Under such conditions of enslavement the case for creating an explicit White Community becomes even stronger.  Only a brainwashed dupe or an outright enemy of our people would deprive racially-conscious European Americans the right of association, by forming an explicit White Community to ensure ones daily bread through honest work without the threat of politically-motivated economic deprivation. Until that day comes European American nationalists must endure the tyranny through self-employment to enable them to more freely take a stand for their people, or risk being terminated by an employer for taking such a stand. Need I remind you that liberty is defined by acting upon your moral conscience to serve your God? What liberty does a European American nationalists have if public policy is at war against his desire to do what is right?  Yes, it has come down to the point where doing what is right is an act of war against the enemies of our people. Phil Robertson engaged in an act of war against the enemies of our people, knowingly or not.

If a political and cultural war is what we have then what choice are you going to make? Fight, stand down- or flee? I say “fight,” but I speak for myself because it is an individual decision to engage in a group effort to fight considering the personal costs involved.  Ironically, higher personal costs will be exacted by deciding to stand down or flee from the good fight for our people.  The war is too big for one man to fight it alone, but it is based on an individual decision to join with other like-minded men and women who already decided to take a stand.  What happened to Phil Robertson should be a reminder to all of us that this is a war against us, and it is personal because it involves you, your spouse, and your children.  You, your culture, and your values are hated beyond measure by the enemies of our people. Fight back with your right of political speech or lose everything because history already has shown what happens to our people when our enemies reached a point of complete political tyranny: genocide!  Look at what happened to the White Christians during the Bolshevik Revolution under Lenin in Russia, and look at what is happening today to the White Christian farmers under the communist regime in South Africa.  What you see may be in store for us if we stand down or flee from the good fight for our people.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


Tea Party Rage over Cruz’s Eulogy of Mandela will End with a Whimper

14 Dec

The following quote is from Senator Ted Cruz’s Facebook page as expressed in his eulogy of Nelson Mandela: “Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He stood firm for decades on the principle that until all South Africans enjoyed equal liberties he would not leave prison himself, declaring in his autobiography, ‘Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.’ Because of his epic fight against injustice, an entire nation is now free.” Yes, Senator Cruz took some well-deserved flack from the Tea Party on his Facebook page for this politically correct sycophantic gesture in honor of a murderous dead Communist.  However, I could find only 3 out of 100 posts on his page in reference to Nelson Mandela’s genocidal policy against the very people who comprise the vast majority of the Tea Party: people of European descent. The dismally scant mentioning in the Facebook comments, regarding the anti-White genocidal policies implemented by this murderous dead Communist against the White Christian farmers of South Africa, impressed upon me the sobering fact that our people in the Tea Party are too afraid to confidently condemn Mandela for the anti-White killer he was.  We are referring to family farmers as the victims of cold-blooded murder by demonic and borderline retarded black savage scum. These farmers were the salt of the Earth. They were Christian men, women, and children who helped provide the sustenance that the blacks in South Africa needed to survive. And the utter lack of gratitude from the blacks, as expressed through their support of the government-sponsored displacement of White farmers, bears witness to how evil the blacks in that country have become since the end of Apartheid. Spare me the victimhood rationale for the tolerance of White genocide from the blacks because such tolerance only condemns them in my book. Their uniform is the color of their skin, and their political philosophy is “malevolent envy”, to quote Winston Churchill, for the greatness of the Boers, who carved a prosperous European civilization out of the African wilderness. And how is their “malevolent envy” expressed in the political square?

Today, the black Communist government of South Africa has an open policy of discrimination against poor Whites in seeking employment because of “malevolent envy”. The elite NWO scum in the United States, along with the cool liberal and “conservative” crowd who follow them, call poor Whites such as these as “White Trash,” in baseless insolent derision against those who work to eat without the government dole.  Let me be perfectly clear; we are confronting evil here, not mere political opposition. The black Communists in that country are evil. Yes, I said it. Call me a racist for stating the obvious; I don’t care because such a word that is used as a weapon against me is made ineffectual by my shield of truth. And by default I am an enemy against these black Communists. And White Christian men true to their faith and their people need to be too. And from this latter statement do not think for a second that I am excluding Tea Party people. Remember, the legacy of evil left by the murderous dead Communist lives in the hearts of his followers who are living. Tea Party folks can talk until they are blue in the face about Mandela being a “communist terrorist,” but Mandela cannot hear them because he is dead. I am waiting to hear the Tea Party call Mandela’s followers out for their support of anti-White policies -and to push for ending foreign aid to South Africa because of their anti-White policies.  Yes, because of their anti-White policies!   Are the Tea Party people so cowardly, selfish and individualistic that they would not protest against the genocide of their fellow Whites in South Africa?  But I suppose because they are not American they deserve to be subjected to genocidal atrocities. I am being sarcastic but the truth is that the Tea Party people are more concerned with emphasizing pocketbook issues rather than racial genocide for a reason: emphasis on pocketbook issues (i.e. economism) is acceptable; emphasis on race is not acceptable but condemned by the Arbiters of Truth.  And who are the Arbiters of Truth you may ask? Those who control the mainstream media are the Arbiters of Truth and they like lox and bagels. The Arbiters of Truth have their gatekeepers at the Tea Party rallies enforcing the policy of censorship over the genocide of Whites in South Africa. The abandonment and betrayal of the Whites of South Africa by the Tea Party people, collectively, bears witness to the power of political correctness- and the destruction of our European American culture by the Cultural Marxists who turned our culture upside down against us by influencing us to be collectively ashamed of our racial identity.  And, more importantly, it also bears witness to the ignominy among the Tea Party people for allowing the Arbiters of Truth to have that much influence over the focus of their political activism, especially when they claim Christ as their Savior.

I am disgusted by the Tea Party people for not bringing attention to the racial genocide of the Whites in South Africa in their activism. No matter how distant South Africa may be from America we have Christians of European descent living under atrocious persecution by a hostile black Communist government, and we are responsible in bringing attention to this evil.  The effeminate consideration of the racial sensitivities of blacks as the reason for not confronting this evil directly is evidence of our moral corruption, which is the result of Cultural Marxist dominance in our American society. White America is defeated as a racially proud people, but not for long. The normalcy of racial pride in other peoples is evident, but not to Whites. Why? Do you find this sad state of affairs to be peculiar, given the obvious fact that we were, in fact, a racially proud people who afforded the greatness of our civilization throughout the world for the betterment of humanity? If this dominant political movement among European Americans rediscovers as a people their proud racial identity then the freedoms they are fighting for will more likely be won. Make no mistake; a lack of moral confidence among European Americans to stand for their race, as shown by their general abandonment of the good brethren in South Africa,  will result in their ignominious political defeat. In other words, the rage will turn into a whimper as long as the Tea Party refuses to embrace their racial pride.  The Tea Party presently lacks the moral courage that comes from racial pride, which other political movements use to their political advantage.  And without pride in our own people creating a White community becomes more difficult, as shown by the evident lack of solidarity among our own to defeat the ascendancy of anti-White and anti-Christian communism in American society.  The Tea Party lacks leadership in encouraging the racial pride that is needed to win. Therefore, it is up to us who have the courage, ability, and desire to lead our Tea Party brethren away from the defeat that awaits them.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett

Division in the White Community-Southern Nationalists and “Konservatives”

10 Dec

Southern Nationalists and Goy Kosher Conservatives (“Konservatives” for short) are dividing the White Community, and they are throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into efforts in unifying European America under a larger and more inclusive nationalist movement. My grief started by some anti-American Southern Nationalist who showed some cartoon character wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt pissing on Old Glory. The American Imperialism that the Southern Nationalists claim that Old Glory symbolizes is rightly lost in translation when we remind ourselves of our modern coddled and materialistic ways, in comparison to the desperate conditions and deaths suffered by the brave and hardened American troops at Valley Forge during the War for Independence from British tyranny- which contributed greatly to the founding our country. Pipsqueak Southern Nationalists not a day over 30 can spew their vitriol over America as though her founding was after the Civil War, and blithely dismiss the honorable sacrifice of those who bled in battle for the freedoms we enjoy. Old Glory predates the Civil War so do not dishonor Old Glory and expect a free pass when you use the word “nationalist” to describe your political persuasion.

You can criticize the corrupt statist federal government, but don’t think that you will be left unscathed by nationalists north of the Mason-Dixon Line when you dishonor Old Glory, and show your hatred for Yankees because of a war that neither of us were old enough to fight in. Need I remind you of the British treachery that sought to rip apart our country during the Civil War, with the intention of leaving two weaker ones to be enslaved under the British and the banking interests? Wake up to the fact that this infighting among us nationalists is getting us nowhere as the banking interests of today want us divided so they can conquer us more easily. And, yes, the banking interests are Jewish, so spare me the anti-Semitic labeling of me for merely alluding to an historic fact. I cannot help if the perpetrators had Jewish names like Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff. We need to replace the infighting with unity based on common interests, i.e. ending illegal immigration, affirmative action, no-win unconstitutional wars, and race-based programs that benefit government favored groups at the expense of working class and middle class European Americans. And to the Southern Nationalists who respect Old  Glory and the United States Constitution I say the following: continue to honor your heritage, stand for what you believe in, but know that your allies north of the Mason-Dixon Line do not take too kindly the dishonoring of Old Glory by some of your disrespectful brethren. Now I turn to my ongoing source of frustration: Goy Kosher Conservatives (“Konservatives”).

When I hear the refrain, “We stand with Israel,” I often wonder if these people who say such uncritical nonsense really know what they are saying. Am I to think that they are so ill-informed that they do not know that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an unregistered agent of the Israeli government? The ADL was instrumental in pushing homosexuality in the United States military, in violation of George Washington’s longstanding moral policy. Yes, moral policy. “Konservatives”, who are infected by the heresy of Christian Zionism, love to wax about the immorality of homosexuality, which is clearly based on scripture. But the ADL is not mentioned in the sermons as the perpetrators who promote the homosexuality agenda. Why? Is it because the pastors don’t know? I cannot accept the claim of such sheer ignorance from pastors, given the readily available knowledge provided by the Internet. The pastors know about Jewish involvement in the homosexual agenda, but they choose to not tell their flock about the connecting dots- which would guide them into actions that would be in keeping with God’s will for us to fulfill our hunger and thirst for righteousness. But righteousness is given a back seat to the dictates of political correctness- and money.

When the Johnson Amendment neutered the churches politically, by way of forcing them in exchanging their freedom of speech (political speech) for tax incentives, the moral cowardice that followed, as shown by the political ascendancy and acceptance of homosexuality in America society, is an indictment against the White Christian churches for refusing to uphold the righteousness of Christ in the public square. Money has become their object of love, not the righteousness of Christ in the public square. Yes, the public square. However, the “We Support Israel” mantra is the politically correct expression that serves as the moral self-congratulatory means to get Christians out into the public square. And we have horrific proof of the effectiveness of this political activism in the broken lives of military men and women who served in the wars for Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The economic conservatism these ‘Konservatives” advocate becomes hypocrisy in light of the excessive spending to fight these wars that benefitted a country foreign to our own. These mainly Christian Zionists, an oxymoron in the fullest meaning of the word, might as well salute the Israeli flag because their political activism conveys where their loyalty lies. Their belief in the political confluence of Israel and America is a delusion from hell because support for Israel has demonstrated itself as an act of treason. The epitome of this delusion is exquisitely expressed by former governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, when he stupidly called for the pardon of Jonathan Pollard, the American Jewish spy who stole our national secrets for Israel, resulting in the deaths of countless men and women fighting in the Cold War. Israel sold our national secrets to China, a Communist nation who openly regards America as their enemy. What more do we need to convince us that Israel is not our friend? Need I go on and mention the Israeli Lobby’s power over Congress? Need I remind the reader about the utter sycophantic display of praise to the butcher Netanyahu by Congress, expressed by the excessive numbers of standing ovations made by our “representatives” in Congress so as to please their Zionist financial backers? How is it that winning an election through such funding can be considered a victory, when the policies pushed in Congress go against the interests of working Americans? Goy Kosher Conservatives have no place to speak for the interests of working American if they advocate unconstitutional wars that destroy lives, which raise taxes to pay a debt that can never be paid, thereby serving the anti-Christ usury system of the Jewish banking interests.

I understand that caution needs to be exercised in political labeling because simplistic thinking may arise, which may not accurately reflect political realities. However, as a political observer I seen enough of the posts from many Southern Nationalists that make me question where their loyalties lie. There is a difference between criticizing our federal government, and regarding it as our enemy. Even though the actions of our federal government are often inimical to our interests we should never lose sight of the fact that the real issue is who occupying positions of power in our federal government, not the federal government itself. The power this institution welds can be for good or for ill, and as we can honestly observe that those in positions of power are directing many good and honest people in government to carry out policies hostile to European American. My contention with many Southern Nationalists is their approach can be fairly construed as disloyalty to America when they dishonor Old Glory, and express utter hatred for our federal government which we, as Americans, have allowed to become corrupt because of our own corruption. If the Southern Nationalists prefer separation then perhaps they also want the absence of American military protection from invasion. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I am all for self determination, but defamation of America by these Southern Nationalists will be met with resistance from America nationalists like me who want what is best for European Americans. And the “Konservatives”, on the other hand, are even worse because they are working, hand-in-hand, with our enemies because of the influence of Christian Zionism, which is a death cult as they stupidly follow wolves in sheep clothing like Pastor John Hagee, who gets fat off the largess of corrupt lucre from Israel, a country of White sex slavery and drug trafficking. Both political groups are obstinate, but they are not hopeless even though they presently appear to be. They are sources of division in the cause of European America unity, but they ironically share much of what many in the cause stand for, such as fighting illegal immigration, affirmative action, and the promotion of Western values in American society. And the fact that they share much of what we stand for makes it particularly painful to us when we envision what political cooperation could bring to our cause. In politics numbers mean everything, but a determined few in the cause for European American unity mean something too. I will fight the good fight for European American unity, regardless of the many people who choose to stand down in the fight for the survival of our people.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett

Busting the Gates at the Tea Party Corral

7 Dec

There is a blatant inconsistency demonstrated among Tea Party activists who decry the tyrannical excesses of the Obama administration, but remain sheepishly silent over the White Elephant taking a political bowel movement over our cherished American traditions and liberties. The White Elephant is the Israeli Lobby. As a political observer I cannot fathom the authenticity of alleged blindness among those of the Tea Party movement, who are mainly European American and Christian. They know the truth, with the exception of the ignorant newcomers of the movement. I would often in the recent past post articles critical of the Israeli Lobby that would shed a harsh spotlight on the atrocities suffered by brethren of my Christian faith in Gaza. The explosion of phosphorous bombs over women and children perpetrated by the Israeli Defense Force is one demonic example of such atrocities. Yes, demonic: a word that should hold special meaning to any Christian worth his salt. But despite such reminders of the demonic to my White Christian friends on Facebook not a “like” or comment from those who hold to the faith was forthcoming. I hear only crickets as it were, and such is the case at these Tea Party rallies. I understand that Obama is the perfect lightning rod to energize the Tea Party movement, but the real culprits are hiding behind the curtains, pulling the levers of social control. And, yes, they like lox and bagels. But an energized Tea Party pink bunny banging a stupid drum will not adequately articulate the reality of Zionist tyranny. The need for such articulation is needed more than ever for the sake of our freedom and survival as a people. Catastrophic total war may be unleashed as a result of calls to support Israel among heretical White Christian Zionists who regard such insanity as ordained by God. I will leave the courageous anti-Zionist blogger Joe Cortina at to comment on the ignorant “Bapdahs” who stupidly regard the Jews as God’s chosen people, in utter contradiction to what is written in scripture regarding the enemies of Christ- and of White Christians by default.

Despite political and religious differences among those in the White Community I believe that most of us share the goal of avoiding World War Three. But the heretical death cult of blinded believers of Christians United for Israel are being manipulated by their leader Pastor John Hagee, who calls for preemptively striking Iran to please his Zionist handlers who keep him fat, dumb, and happy. I could not help but turn away in utter disgust when I saw an artistic rendering of my Savior beside the Babylonian 6-Pointed Star in the pro-Zionist website World Net Daily- a symbol that cannot abide with the cross among those who know the truth. The very war that would decimate our freedoms is what the Christian Zionist death cult is calling for- and the Tea Party people are not saying a word about it is a contradiction to the freedom that they purport to promote in their misguided activism. Perhaps many in the Tea Party movement belong to the Christian Zionist death cult as they reflectively chant “We Support Israel,” despite the anti-Christian and anti-White policies implemented by the domestic intelligence arm of Israel in the United States: the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). I encourage you to read John de Nugent’s excellent article on the circumstances surrounding the founding of the ADL at You will learn about the honorable vengeance exercised by the White men for the murder of Mary Phagen by the Jew Leo Frank, and the ignominious support provided to Leo Frank among those who founded the ADL. Such honorable vengeance is what we need today in the Tea Party movement against those who are complicit in destroying our freedoms for the sake of International Zionism.

As the human cattle are confined to the Tea Party Corral to await political slaughter we are responsible, by virtue of our knowledge and convictions regarding the survival of our people, to bust the gates opens, and free our cattle counterparts to join us in the real fight against those who hold the levers of political power. Education about illegal immigration as framed in the context of our survival is essential. The emphasis of economism over survival has been the “conservative” message of the Rush Limbaughs and the Sean Hannitys of the world, which has made a mockery of conserving the very people who are the rightful beneficiaries of the “Blessings of Liberty” as expressed in the Preamble of the United States Constitution. Our people have been robbed of our inheritance, and the Tea Party people talk about lowering taxes as though that was more important than our own survival. I am all for lowering taxes and smaller government, but spare me the love of money that permeates those who look out only for their selfish individualistic interests, and who care very little about our survival in this anti-White multicultural wasteland we call America that used to be a predominantly White country that I was blessed to being born into. Think. How could money benefit those who are not around to enjoy it? First thing is first. Focus on protecting our interests in surviving by using the money we earn, and frame the lowering of taxes and smaller government as a means to that end. Our political enemies are well funded. We cannot afford to allow our political enemies the luxury of us having our hard-earned money being consistently spent on Chinese junk at Wal-Mart. Use some of that money for a pro-White cause you believe in, and feel good about doing something beyond satisfying your consumerist drives. The Tea Party has the numbers, and we need the numbers that result in busting the gates at the Tea Party Corral for the liberation of our people.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett