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Genuflection to MLK is Idolatry Against God

8 Oct

As I was surfing the Internet to find the name of the director of the NAACP chapter of Augusta, Georgia for research purposes I came across a serendipitous find that shed all pretenses of a non-partisanship regarding civil rights from the city’s mayor, based on a certificate from his office to recognize “AUGUSTA BRANCH NAACP FREEDOM FUND DAY.” The claim on the certificate that King’s “Dream” was to improve the quality of life for all people is a patent lie, shown by the euphemistically termed “affirmative action” public policy of hiring Blacks over more qualified Whites, which King endorsed without reservation. King was a plagiarist, womanizer, and a Communist in everything but name given his subversive political affiliations. The certificate can be found at As an anti-Communist White Christian I refuse to pull back my verbal punches because I have seen for myself how my generation has lost its birthright of the “blessings of liberty’ for a bowl of Cultural Marxist slop.

Much of this lost of our birthright is due to the socially engineered adulation of this Communist god MLK by the mainstream media. The early Christians refused to give allegiance to Caesar as their god because it would be the ultimate betrayal against the True God over All Creation, which resulted in their most certain execution: their martyrdom in holding steadfast to the faith. Likewise, I choose to follow the example of my past Christian brethren in spirit by refusing to honor a reprobate man who used the cleric collar to advanced a political agenda championed by unbelievers and Christ-haters. The movement to replace our “God-given rights” with government-granted “civil rights” has become institutionalized for those who should be institutionalized for giving up our blessings of liberty without a fight against the Communist-inspired civil rights movement- a movement that was set out to destroy the freedoms of White Americans for not only during that tumultuous time in our history but for the generations that followed to this very day.

The ignominious status of our people, in groveling for the crumbs of government recognition of our legitimate grievance of political disenfranchisement resulting from illegal immigration, needs to be replaced by the dignified but strident affirmation of the importance of citizenship through the confident demand to strip these illegal immigrants of all voting rights by requiring documentation with no apologies. If you are a Mexican here illegally then show your papers so we can deport you back to your country because America is not your country. America is our country, founded by Whites and founded for Whites according to the Founding Fathers. And if that sounds too mean to you because of the exclusiveness of the message then it needs to be said as such so you can hear the righteous indignation in my voice through these printed words. My country was 90% White when I was born back in 1961, and now it is somewhere around 60% today. Do you expect me to join in the “Diversity is Our Strength” chorus with these genocidal statistics?  Not a chance.

I am angry, and I have no qualms in telling you in your face that my people are being killed by Black savages because they are White, and I am not going to play the role of a conservative pantywaist and refuse to condemn the murderous Black savages for the scum that they are, because that would be an insult to the dignity of my people. Yes, my people. White People! Oh, that sounds so racist; does it not? Well, it only sounds racist to an anti-White lemming who would rather jump off the cliff because many others are doing the same thing by allowing the enemies of our people free reign in the public square. I would rather follow the example of George Lincoln Rockwell when he tore down the Viet Cong flag because of the seditious stand this vile flag was making in a country that is suppose to be for freedom. The same applies to the homosexual Christ-haters who flaunt their disdain for God’s righteousness, by falsely claiming the dignity of their perversion without shame. What these Christ-hating homosexuals need is a confrontation by God-fearing White Christian men who are not afraid to call a spade a spade, and call these perverts out as an abomination to God and His Holiness.

No more tolerance for the idolatry of genuflecting to MLK, which the entire subversive collective is based on for its existential legitimacy. And once the idol is destroyed for the sake of Jesus Christ the entire subversive collective has no moral stand to enforce its tyranny over us, because the “civil rights” replacement of our God-given rights would show itself for the lie and the sham that it is. Thank God for the Internet because not a peep of the truth about MLK would be uttered via the Jewish dominated mainstream media. In due time the truth will finally win over the lie, and freedom for our people will be ours at last!

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett