Apathy to White Oppression is Complicity to White Oppression

23 Aug

Many political commentators appear to be at a lost for words in response to the blatant and deliberate exclusion of White subjection to violent crime as an issue of social oppression. Despite the mainstream media blackout of abundant incidences of horrendous crimes against Whites by parasitic Black savages the visibility of a clear pattern is evident, thanks to the courageous discussions initiated and promoted by a refreshing new breed of political commentators on the Internet who I believe only answer to their conscience. One example that comes to my mind are two responsible and intelligent political commentators who represent White interests, Joseph De Adams and John King of The White Voice at http://thewhitevoice.com/. Their effectiveness in expressing their balanced but uncompromising views through YouTube has earned them the noble distinction of being temporarily banned for courageously violating the community standards of what I believe to be Cultural Marxism. I watched John King’s passionate moral indictment of White conservatives that was genuine and on target one day on YouTube. His unapologetic stance on the hypocrisy of White conservatives, with their cowardly silence to White oppression, spoke to my personal frustration with these types. It is comforting to know that I am far from alone in speaking out against what could fairly be defined as White oppression in the worse way it can be perpetrated, which is through murder of our own by these parasitic Black savages who have selfishly fed off the industry of our people with an utter lack of gratitude through confiscatory taxation schemes and communistic wealth distribution, i.e. funding of government schools through property taxes for those who pay nothing for education, and the social welfare scheme of food stamps for able-bodied men and women who prefer government dependency to work. The recent murder of an Australian college baseball player, Chris Lane, exemplifies the utter contempt these parasitic Black savages have for God’s will as expressed through the creation of our race, which has been a demonstrable source of beneficence to mankind by virtue of our shared high regard for liberty, truth, industry and beauty as values that have guided our race through our historical struggles, achievements, and at times ignoble mistakes. The opportunity and potential for achievement that was residing in this promising young man has been denied to him, to humanity, and particularly to our people. Every murder committed by these parasitic Black savages against us is a threat to our existence when contemplated in the cultural context of widespread apathy across racial lines- even our own I am sad to say. What endangerment does this apathy have to our existence as a people?

When murders against our people are blacked out by the mainstream media, through the utter absence of dialogue among the pundits regarding the context of these evil acts as a threat to our existence as a people, then it should not surprise us that many people will be apathetic by not seeing these murders as existential threats. Such murders fall into the mainstream narrative as isolated incidences. When reported in the mainstream media these murders eventually fall into the memory hole, given the public’s short term perspective on current events, which the mainstream media understandably takes advantage of by the passing manner it presents the news. However, thanks to the Internet we are reminded, albeit sporadically, of certain outrageous murders such as the atrocious slaying of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian by parasitic Black savages who I believe were  guided by monstrous demons, given the unspeakably hideous manner they chose to carry out their evil deed. Nevertheless, we cannot escape the issue of apathy among our own because it is that apathy that has enabled this pattern of social oppression. The part of the reason for this apathy , I believe, is the dehumanizing and culturally destructive influence of Cultural Marxism in American society , and to our people in particular.

The untold evisceration of our people’s will, by the insidious subversion of Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School, to effectively stand up in unity against these parasitic Black savage murders of Whites in the context of them being an existential threat, is a testament to the diabolical cleverness of Cultural Marxism. It is not an exaggeration to state that Cultural Marxism, i.e. political correctness, is a ethical code and subversive ideology that our enemies have sought to effectively establish to replace the one that our people have followed for centuries, that being Christianity and the Holy Bible. The evidence for this understandably bold statement is preponderant. For example, the acceptance of same-sex marriage by many as an expression of humanitarian tolerance to alternative lifestyles, in the spirit of celebrated equality and progressive understanding, is promoted in utter contradistinction to the unmistakeable clear biblical teaching forbidding homosexuality. I want to borrow the term “inversion” used by the prominent Canadian White Nationalist Paul Fromm to define the ethical code of Cultural Marxism, which he eloquently expressed in a speech he gave regarding the ascendancy of Obama and Clinton as the politicians of choice representing the Democratic Party. Cultural Marxism is an inversion of Christianity. Its proselytizers seek to overthrow the Christian foundation of our Western Civilization, and in particular our American Constitutional Republic. Make no mistake, with the acceptance of homosexuals in the military the Cultural Marxists have succeeded to undermine our perceived moral authority to condemn this evil practice, because a major respected institution in our American society has accepted it as a specious appeal to the highly regarded value of privacy. The public trust has been violated by this change in policy because this open compromise in the ethical standard held for generations, which is used to rightly measure the moral character of the men and women who are presently serving, is damaging to our national security and survival. The spiritual repercussions of the American military tacitly renouncing Christ through this change in policy are staggering to the imagination of true believers.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but our leaders choose the foolishness of human pride that decides what is right and wrong outside of God’s will. And when such major and respected institutions follow the ethical code of Cultural Marxism to defy Christian morality we can expect that apathy will follow because no society can effectively hold obedience as a whole to God as important while disobedience is at the same time is accepted, even celebrated as in the case of homosexuality. Therefore, it should not be presumptuous  to expect that the importance of the Christian prohibition against murder has been mitigated by Cultural Marxism, given the low regard that this ethical worldview has for our civilization and, by default, our people. Let us conjecture as to how the apathy stemming from the lack of importance placed on such prohibitions were formed in the weak and corrupted minds of the parasitic Black savages who killed Chris Lane.

The uncensored calls to kill Whites promulgated in rap music is all too evident to require any need to elaborate. With a lack of outrage by Whites for this overt expression of racial genocide only substantiates the idea in the weak and corrupt minds of these parasitic Black savages that there is a marked lack of importance in the life of a White man such as Chris Lane. The dynamic of our observation of such apathy from our own people can further belittle the importance  of defending our honor as a people. If, for example, the respected Black actor, Jamie Fox, can crack jokes about his killing of White folks in the vile movie, Django Unchained, to a predominantly White audience then what can be said of the apathy that many of our own people have in the life of one of our own as our own? Plenty- and embarrassingly so I might add. I could go on and on as to the reason I believe to be the pervasive cultural force behind the demoralization of our people that has led to the point where Black parasitic savages can murder a White man and laugh about it. That pervasive cultural force, that reason for our demoralization, is Cultural Marxism, which is the inversion of Christianity, and it is the ideological orthodoxy of the Left, formulated by a cadre of Jewish Marxist intellectuals back in the early 1920’s who sought to literally destroy Western civilization from within, and by default destroy us as a people. And our sycophantic obedience to this subversive ideology is especially sickening when you think of the purpose of this ideology, which is demonic as it attempts to destroy us- literally. Therefore, our self destruction, our apathy, is our complicity to the death of our people. Many readers may regard my argument as a shrill exaggeration, an over-the-top diatribe, given the seemingly anecdotal incidences of Black on White murder. Need I refer to the documented systematic genocidal murder of White Boer farmers by parasitic Black savages, which is blacked out of the Jewish dominated mainstream media? If truth is anti-Semitic or racist then so be it in the skewed minds of the politically correct because I have a low regard for such coined terms, given their origination from certain subversive Jews, namely the murderous Communist Jew Leon Trotsky who coined the term “racist.” So as a good anti-Christ Communist sympathizer please feel free to glibly use the term “racist” against me so as to vindicate that I am following God’s will. A day will come when the Cultural Marxists and their cowardly sympathizers will soil themselves in fear of a resurgent White resistance to the subversive Jewish tyranny of the heart and mind, which is Cultural Marxism; the inversion of Christianity and the ideological poison to my race. Lastly, my frequent use of the phrase “parasitic Black savages,” was reserved exclusively for the Black murderers of my people. I remained tempered but uncompromising in my indictment, which I would expect from my fellow brothers in Christ from other races, including the Black race because God does not show favoritism.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


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