Unseating the Followers of Satan from Power

8 Aug

The righteous lamentations from White Christians over the corruption in government are often left without a call to rectify this evident moral degradation. There is a sigh of resignation over the deplorable state of affairs with hopeful reminders of heaven and the rapture. As the political world goes to the proverbial hell many of the devout quietly accept the unpleasant reality, and think of heavenly things. Perhaps a poignant question to ask these good people would be whether they want there children to live under the present tyranny. I would expect the answer to be a resounding no. However, the connection of what they can do to make a difference for their children to fight tyranny would either be lost- or passively past on to God in prayer. Yes, some people would be up in arms as they come to a more fuller realization of the pervasiveness and depth of the evil- but opportunities to divert attention away from the unpleasantness are ample. Sports comes to mind because the display of passion for ones team is unparalleled by the lack of righteous indignation against the enemies of Christ who are now holding positions of power over our nation.

One example of a political issue worthy to be fought over in the public arena is the acceptance of homosexuals in the Armed Forces. When Congress decided to renounce Christ and his holy dictates, by voting in favor of admitting open homosexuals into the ranks, this signified in my mind the moral downfall of our nation. The importance that the politicians placed, in political correctness and tolerance over the moral law of God, made it clear that the cultural values held in high esteem are no longer Christian but communistic in everything but name. The Frankfurt School’s long march into American culture left in its wake an inversion of cultural values that are more aligned with Cultural Marxism as the dominant moral principle. Respect for the private lives of homosexuals, and the tolerant inclusion of their depravity, conveyed the impression that this was regarded as a noble attitude by the mainstream media.

Need I remind you that it was the ADL who pushed for homosexuals to serve in the military. The anti-Christian sentiment expressed in homosexual advocacy is Jewish; that is a fact. However, the Christian clergy will shy away from expressing this apparent inconvenient fact, by merely refusing to mention the religious persuasion and racial make up of the organized advocacy for homosexual rights. The apparent nature of this inconvenient fact stems from the heretical doctrine of Christian Zionism, which tends to absolve the Jews of their anti-Christian political activism as a function of the favoritism towards Jews expressed in the doctrine. Granted, Christian Zionist preachers will assail the evils of homosexuality- but they will be sheepishly silent about Jewish involvement in the homosexual movement. Make no mistake, these Christian Zionist preachers are merely acting in accordance to those who are in charge politically. They will not dare challenge the Jews in their complicity to the homosexual movement in fear of losing their 501c3 tax exempt status. In other words, cowardly compromise and compliance to Jewish political domination is the preferred course for these Christian Zionist preachers.

Cowardly compromise and compliance to Jewish political domination is not the most effective position to take in a movement to resist it. To unseat the rulers requires that we first identify them as Jewish. We cannot be so timid as to allow a glib charge of antisemitism to keep us from speaking the truth that they are the primary perpetrators of the corruptive influence in our American society, by virtue of their power in politics, media, and finance in reference to David Duke’s Zio Trio of spheres of societal influence. It is not the fault of mainstream media or Hollywood because they are the mere mediums used to manipulate and effectively disarm White Christians. For example, pornography has been used to divert a White Christian man’s focus from Christ, truth, and justice through enticing images of women engaged in erotic activity for the purpose of sexually arousing the viewer. Note that the main purveyor of such filth are Jewish businessmen who want to make money in degrading White Christian men, so as to render them spiritually ineffective in the moral fight against the agenda of furthering Jewish political dominance in American society. The followers of Satan want to remain on top. I for one do not want such types to make decisions as to what is mainstreamed, and what remains hidden or vilified for the furtherance of their diabolical agenda of continuing to keep our culture bereft of the confident expression of our White Christian heritage. White Christians are the target, and that is the reason I am calling the perpetrators out because my people have been the traditional enemy of the chosen tribe. Jewish enmity runs cold and deep, which explains the pattern of the chosen tribe to champion causes antithetical to my people, such as Third World immigration, political correctness, affirmative action, etc. Given the irreconcilable differences between White Christians and Talmudic Jews I foresee no end to the culture war because only victory will be acceptable to both sides- even though only one side can win. Let it be our side that wins the war, regardless of how embattled we are in the struggle to break the yoke of Zionist enslavement.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


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