The NAACP Call to Prosecute Zimmerman is Moral Hypocrisy

7 Aug

The call for a civil trial against Zimmerman by the NAACP conveys a hypocritical vindictiveness. A substantial vocal segment of the black community, represented by an organization historically founded by Communists, want to destroy the life of an individual because he does not fit their racial standard of African descent. The moral hypocrisy of similar calls for legal retribution for crimes committed by their own against their own have not been forthcoming, because many from those of the tribe have long ago renounced their identity as Americans in my view. Zimmerman is an American who exercised his right of self-defense- albeit reluctantly. The NAACP is delighted to see this American stripped of his humanity by the government by way of withholding the only effective means that he has to deter cowardly attacks from those of the tribe. Perhaps this is news to those of the tribe, and their willing allies from the many garden varieties of Leftist scum agitators, but there is still a remnant of America who refuses to surrender to the “change you can be deceived in.”

The great Constitutional Republic, forged in the blood and sacrifice of courageous, intelligent, and creative men and women of European descent, remains standing but tattered in noble defiance against Communist evil. To those of the tribe I proclaim that this is our America; it is not the America that you will ever understand because you lack the honor sufficient for such level of understanding, as displayed by your shameful group mentality that trumps rational thought. The degree of your shame is in proportion to the blood lust for Zimmerman’s head, exemplified by the embarrassment of your tribe who call themselves the New Black Panther Party. This vile political group openly calls for the death of Whites. The blatant lack of even a measured critical response speaks volumes of the collusion among the activist black groups, which appears to overshadow the rational disagreement expected among descent people in this civil rights group, who should be quick to point out the utter ill will from their more radical counterparts. The old bromide that blood is thicker than water has reached axiomatic proportions through this repugnant display of instinctual clannishness.

At this juncture I return to my charge that these tribesmen renounced their identity as Americans. To not condemn calls for a fellow American’s death for killing a thuggish teenager out of self defense conveys a mentality far removed from a shared American perspective of equality under the law. All the high-sounding speeches on equality coming from the pulpits of black churches now show their true colors of racial favoritism at the expense of an American’s life. Blinded by the deep resentment that comes from an unforgiving heart the racial rabble-rousers want Zimmerman’s head out of vengeance for the injustices unrelated to the act of self defense. Perhaps it would be better for these racial rabble-rousers to practice what they preach in the continent where they participate in tribal genocide against those of their own race, because in the America that I know there is a higher regard for human life, irrespective of race because in our Western civilization the individual is valued because of his humanity- a concept not readily grasped by the Jacksons and Sharptons of the world.

© 2013, Paul M. Lovett


2 Responses to “The NAACP Call to Prosecute Zimmerman is Moral Hypocrisy”

  1. thechadfactor August 7, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    Good read

  2. tdeehenry August 8, 2013 at 3:33 pm #

    Reblogged this on downndixie.

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