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TSPLOST on Food is Government Theft

28 Jan

As the New Year made its celebrated entrance the financial scourge of more taxes followed in its wake. Here in Georgia people are taxed to be granted permission to live. Yes, if you live in Georgia you must pay the state for the permission to buy the food you need to survive. You are not allowed to buy food without the tax. Therefore, the state or county is paid tribute by you to sustain your own body. You don’t have a right to buy food. What you have is a privilege- which can be revoked by the government. A sales tax on food is morally repugnant because government confiscates the property you are exchanging for something you are forced to buy to survive. There is no discretionary spending when it comes to food because food has no substitute. What else can you eat but food? You have nowhere to turn to avoid forced compliance to the tax because you need food. Imagine being taxed for the air that you breath. The TSPLOST is sounding more like a prop in some futuristic totalitarian society where government demands a fee to for you to be allowed to buy food. Imagine some burly security guard at the grocery store demanding you to pay a cover charge to walk into the door. But your county government likes to slip the tax inconspicuously against your property with a little entry on your receipt. They do that like a thief in the night to avoid detection. They don’t care if you are forced to pay the tax because that only means that they get to spend your money to benefit the businesses that directly gain from TSPLOST, and by default the politicians these businesses support because the politicians prostitute their public office for money. But the poor families are forced even more towards government dependency by the very politicians who give them lip service about the conservative message of lower taxes and freedom. And, yes, these conservative politicians are Republicans.
© 2013, Paul M. Lovett