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A Call to Fight the Zionist Power in America

18 Mar

The time has arrived when the American public has accepted the notion that the federal government is not an institution beholden to their interests. However, most Americans are unaware that a foreign interest has gain precedence over their own with respect to what the federal government has done in the area of its foreign policy, in particular the unconstitutional wars we are engaged in or will soon be engaged in. When Congress gave frequent standing applause for Netanyahu it exemplified the priority this legislative body has given to Israel. Make no mistake; Israel is more important to the federal government than what Americans want or need. You, as a working American, mean nothing more to the federal government than a funding source to finance these wars that benefit the corporations, banks, and Israel. In other words, you are being used at your expense- and ultimately used towards your eventual destruction, which may result from another global war triggered by an armed confrontation with Iran.

How much more are we expected to tolerate by allowing this state of affairs of eminent armed confrontation with Iran to continue? Are we so brainwashed to think that our national survival must be jeopardized for the sake of politically correct support for Israel, as we go along with the morally bankrupt schemes of militaristic global hegemony advocated by neocon warmongers like Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum? We need to call out the perpetrators who manipulate our minds to accept the Zionist propaganda that Israel must be defended, without thoughtful and prudent regard for the consequences that such a foreign priority has to our national survival. A confident and clarion call for an “American First” foreign policy is needed from the grassroots. Time is too limited to seek leadership from the politicians who are too complacent and corrupt to stand up to the Jewish Lobby. No “Ron Paul Revolution” is going to awaken the nationalist drive needed to drive the Zionist money changers out of our country. Yes, our country.

Let us never forget the Zionist treachery of 9/11 as we unite out of common love for country that surpasses racial and ethnic division. America is our country, and how dare we allow a foreign power to aggravate our natural divisions in ways that would destroy us as a free people. No war out of slavish political correctness is worth the spilling of American blood, which is better shed to protect our freedom- not the protection of the illegitimate geopolitical gains of a foreign nation. The waste of our resources as a people, by way of making war with nations for Israel who are not willing or able to fight against our military might, is shameful in light of the high unemployment and the vast infrastructure in disrepair, for example, that cries for the need to rebuild our national economy. Our priorities are skewed to our detriment in ways that are treasonous. We betrayed our heritage- but more importantly we betrayed our children with mounting war debt. Only by standing up to the Zionist power in our country can we redeem ourselves from the shame that has befallen upon us as a result of our blind support for Israel. I will not accept political defeat as long as I have the will to resist. I will not sit back and watch my country die from within with Zionist propaganda from Fox News, and other purveyors of lies and distortions who are pushing us towards more unconstitutional wars for the corporations, banks, and Israel. I will fight the good fight for America against the Zionist power that is seeking to destroy her. And I am calling on you to join the good fight for America.


© 2012, Paul M. Lovett