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If You Politically Support Unconstitutional War Then You Are A Neocon

31 Jan

I had to draw the proverbial line when it comes to political labeling. So called “conservatives” who are, ironically, on the mark when it comes to social issues like abortion, prayer in public school, and the like- but way off-base in politically supporting unconstitutional wars- are neocons. I regard neocons as enemies to the American Republic, knowlingly or not. I will not accept as legitimate someone labeling themselves conservative if they talk about protecting Israel and helping Israel if that rogue regime decides to attack Iran. A neocon is, by definition, an anti-American impersonating as a conservative so as to dupe gullible people into supporting the agenda of a foreign power over the interest of America. They can wrap themselves around Old Glory and pledge allegience to it but once they politically support unconstitutional wars then they are betraying the solemn trust of defending the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Go against Article 1 politically and you are a neocon. I have to preface the word “support” with the word “politically” because my status as an active duty Soldier in the United States Army requires me to support the Warfighter mission. I am loyal to my leadership and my fellow Soldiers. I choose to be because “I am an American. Fighting in the forces that guard my country and our way of life. I WILL GIVE MY LIFE IN THEIR DEFENSE (Emphasis mine in quoting Article 1 of the Code of Conduct).” So if someone wants to question my loyalty because of my political views regarding the wars we fight then you are wrong on many levels. I will fight the enemy- and if Iran is the enemy then I will fight Iran. I do not agree with the order but I will follow it because I am an Soldier who will only follow lawful orders. The Law of the Land has been abandoned by our government in favor of enabling profit for the banks and the corporations in times of war, who rack it in with fiat currency borrowed by our government at the expense of the people. The Law of the Land is not being applied in the case of Congress formally declaring war- and I am not in the position to defy this betrayal by disobeying an order which arises from such a betrayal. Yes, our government betrayed the trust by not following the Law of the Land in this case of Article 1 of the Constitution. What can be said of the people who elect the betrayers? Would you not say that these people are betrayers as well- knowingly or not? Yes, they are. And we have a name for people who call themselves “conservative” but who politically support unconstitutional wars. Their name is NEOCON!

Copyright 2012, Paul M. Lovett