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War With Iran is Treason Against America

17 Dec

The latest warmongerring puke spewing out of the silver-tongued mouth of Congressman Allen West of Florida  is as follows: “U.S. must absolutely support in Iran attack,” according to a Newsmax article at  Enough! I am not going to stand by and watch Israel First politicians throw America under the bus to satisfy the geopolitical aspirations of international Zionists. What about the American people? Are we just useful idiots who work and toil at jobs to feed the war beast used by the international Zionists to attain global hegenomy? I am sick and tired of violating my liberty to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by contributing the federal income tax, which is being used towards the destruction of my country by Israel First warmonging politicians who are willing to spend away our national treasure in deference to Jew bankers. I refuse to tolerate the destruction of my country for the sake of a foreign power . Yes, I refuse to tolerate the manipulation and control of America by international Zionism – and the only way to refuse this toleration is to act against the enemy of my country: international Zionism. Yes, war with Iran is treason against America. War with Iran will destroy our nation- and such an act of self-destruction is treason.

Copywrite 2011, Paul M. Lovett