Telling the Painful Truth

16 Sep

I am astounded by the rampant ignorant piety among those who show their support for what they believe to be true to America but, in fact, is so far off-course from the painful truth that is staring us right in our faces. Many good people of the faith are led astrayed by the Christian Zionist deception that Israel is Christ-ordained, even when the evidence is preponderantly clear that Israel is as much a friend of America as a thief is a guard to a safe. The American Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard comes to mind when Mike Huckabee, a Christian pastor and former candidate for president in the 2008 election, has requested that this Jew traitor to America should be released. What could this talk show host on Fox News express such an outlandish request after the untold damage this Jew traitor inflicted against our national security? Perhaps righteous indignation against this intelligence assault against our nation has little place among people who cannot fathom the fact that a nation that draws billions of dollars of foreign aid from the United States would even consider attacking our allies in Europe as expressed by Jewish professor Martin van Crevald. The painful truth hurts to tell to those whose hearts are moved by the deceptive hope of Israel’s Promise Land realized in 1948, which was a conditional promise made by God as determined by the repentance of the Jews. The Jews, however, have refused to repent as they have denied the very Savior who could break the stranglehold that Satan has over them. Their hostility towards Christians and Christian culture has grown worse to a point of allowing, without adequate societal censure, the gross comedic irreverence and mocking hatred towards Jesus Christ by such entertainers as Sarah Silverman and Larry David.  The painful truth is definitely staring us in the face but good people refuse to see it because it is too much for them to bear.  If such ignorance is a source of bliss then knowledge of Zionist treachery will have a painful but cleansing stink.

© 2011 Paul M. Lovett


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